Camden Town – A Beginner’s Guide

After living in London for almost two years now, I think I can say with conviction which places I care to grace and which I don’t. I can safely say that Camden town is my favourite place, though it is probably sick of seeing me. When I was a fresher, I can remember visiting Camden with my flat mate, acquiring lots of tat, expensive tat, and almost being lured into some weird sex-dungeon with a severely overweight man and two scantily clad women, when all I wanted was a leather jacket. To help you all avoid these scarring incidents, here is a crash course in how to navigate through the labyrinth attractions of Camden Town, by day…

Sometimes a good old English summer isn’t enough. Outdoor benches and (if you have the skills) a BBQ just won’t do. Fear not sun worshipers, Camden has its very own Beach. Situated on top of the roundhouse, the beach has its own strip of rogue sand to get in your sandwiches, bogus palm trees and most importantly a fully stocked bar serving cocktails in the ‘Rum Shaka Lack’. Or, if you dream of a greener London, where geese and ducks roam free, horses can be ridden around and there is one very confused pig wondering why he hasn’t been made into sausages for the BBQ, then Kentish Town City Farm is your haven.

There are an overwhelming number of shops selling jazzy attire in Camden, so it is hard to decide which ones to use your overdraft for, but I have a new favourite. ‘Modfather’ in the stables market is fantastic. A very British collection of all sorts and in particular the upcoming ‘Marmalade’ collection is bang on trend with easy to wear 60’s style pieces. Also in typical student style, if you decide actually going to the shop expends too much precious energy, then you’ll be pleased to hear the very kind people at Modfather offer free online postage and packaging (shove your £4.95, ASOS).

It goes without saying that the Stables Market and Camden Lock Village Market are a must do for the food, clothes, and cutesy little trinkets for your bedroom, but mainly for the food. It’s pretty picturesque along the river side, and trying to fit you and your shopping onto a sawn off motorbike seat proves to be interesting to say the least.  Finally, after your intense day of shopping, it is definitely (or maybe that’s just me) time for some drinks, for what’s a day out without a cheeky gin and tonic? The World’s End may be an obvious choice, but it is a good one, which is why, more often than not, it is almost impossible to get a seat! Particularly a novelty if you’ve seen the film…

Anything goes in Camden, but if you’d like to fit in with the locals remember to arrive in inflatable platform shoes, a main of peacock feathers and a studded belt.

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