CUB Food: Lazy Bones, Farringdon

Hidden in a tidy corner just off from Farringdon station – amongst the quirky pubs and traditional Japanese restaurants – a series of delectable signs lead you into the mouth-watering vice that is Lazy Bones. The décor is a weird mix between haunted diner and classic pub and the seat yourself and order at-the-bar approach still feels like a novelty. I am unashamed to admit they know me and my colleagues on a first name basis by this point; we really don’t know how to say no to the beef brisket and cheesy fries, it’s just not possible.

The menu is not one for those of the vegetarian disposition, unless you like falafel, however for everyone else the range of juicy and tender meats on offer is anything but modest. Mouth-melting burgers that offer every opportunity for extras, a trio of delicious (hot) dogs and, perhaps the highlight of the menu, the beef brisket and pulled pork served in some of the best brioche buns I’ve ever tried. I have, however, left my favourite till last, namely the chicken wings, which are by far some of the best in London.  I don’t mean the kind you get after staggering out of Drapers wondering who you are and why you’re eating suspect foods in the early hour of the day. No, these are huge meat filled delights that come in sweet & spicy, hot and BBQ varieties (despite them all being delicious, I have to push you in the direction of the BBQ wings, they’re just too good to turn down). All of the wings, hot or not, each come accompanied by a speciality dipping sauce and the bar staff kindly provide you with bibs, because by the great chicken god, do you need them.

If I haven’t quite sold you Lazy Bones yet, then you seriously need to reconsider your life choices when it comes to food. However, if that is not enough, perhaps the Scooby-Doo burger, consisting of everything I mentioned above in one of those tasty brioche buns (they really are that good) will lure you back in. This is not a restaurant for the faint of food, but a diner for kings, professionals and students alike that will keep you coming back day after day, and at just under £8 per main meal with a bottomless soft drink, you’ll find yourself wishing you had more friends just so you could have another excuse to come back again tomorrow.

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