CUB Q&A: The Dancing Years

Before Dancing Years performed at Roundhouse, CUB were able to sit down with Joe ‘Monty’ Montague (drums), Joe Lawrenson (piano) and Dan Fielding (guitar) and have a chat about their new single and what they’ve been up to.

CUB: So how did you all meet?

Joe: Most of us went to school together but we picked up Dom, the violinist, when I went to Cardiff Uni. So a mixture of high school and Uni, and also through the Leeds music scene.

CUB: What’s the Leeds music scene like at the moment? Are there any bands that you are enjoying listening to?

Joe: Paul Thomas Saunders, he’s a good one. Sam Airey too.
Monty: We’re also on a little label called Hide & Seek, who are amazing.
Joe: Yeah, they’re really good. They’ve got another band, who are not similar to us at all but equally good, called Post War Glamour Girls.
Monty: Oh, also a guy called Eaves who we recently discovered. He’s going to be really big.
Joe: He supported us in Leeds the other week for our single launch there.

CUB: How did your single launch in Leeds go?

Monty: Yeah, it was brilliant. We’ve been touring quite a lot this year so it was nice to play at home.

CUB: You are here at Roundhouse to launch the single in London too. Could you tell us a little bit about it?

Monty: The new single is called ‘Places We’ve Roamed’. Lyrically penned, and musically a bit, by Joe.
Joe: Me and Dave went to Sweden two years ago this July. I think we just wrote the chorus out there. Then it was a little bit after then that we wrote the verse, and then a bit later we added the lyrics. When I wrote it originally, in my head I was just thinking about lots of really long drives I’ve had along the Lake District. I think that’s what the first verse was about, and then it sort of opens up into a love song accidentally.

CUB: They always end up turning into love songs…                                                                

Joe: Exactly!

CUB: On the single, you’ve also got the track ‘Borderline’ .

Monty: Yeah, that’s been around a while now, and I guess we sort of rejigged it a little bit.
Dan: It was a bit spacey and ambient before, and a bit dramatic. I think we tried to write that out a bit to make it fit more with ‘Places We’ve Roamed’.

CUB: You’ve been compared to bands such as Dry The River and even an early Arcade Fire, but how would you personally describe your sound? Are there any bands that you’re particularly influenced by?

Monty: We really like Bahamas, especially that song ‘Lost In The Light’.
Joe: That was one of our reference tracks for the new single actually. I guess we’re not trying to sound like any of them, but we do take influence from them.
Dan: I think that everyone is influenced by certain people individually.
Monty: We write altogether and we all listen to similar stuff. Whoever’s written the basis, whether it’s Joe or Dave, generally has an idea of where they want the song to go. So it ends up being the sound we’ve got.

CUB: I hear that you’re off again on tour fairly soon?

Joe: We’re actually off back to Sweden, but all five of us are going to drive out this time.
Monty: Yeah, we’re playing a festival in Germany, so thought we’d just nip up to Sweden. Only fifteen more hours or so.
Joe: But that’s just for writing purposes really. We’re going to try and put an EP together. We’ve got quite a few more songs knocking about at the moment, and we’re going to try and refine them and work on them.
Monty: We’re also supporting Boy And Bear and doing a full UK and European tour with them. Next time we’re in London we’ll be playing Shepherd’s Bush which is going to be amazing

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