“It’s not you… it’s the clothes”

Shopping, shopping, and more shopping. There is probably nothing better for us girls – aside from Ryan Gosling, who we will never have – than a retail therapy day. But what do we do when our friend cannot find anything and they NEED an outfit?

Well, here at CUB, we’ve thought of the top 6 surefire responses to comfort your friends at their time of need, when they’re having a shopping day disaster.

1. “Noooo…. Don’t feel bad that you haven’t done sit ups in months, its not you. It’s the way this dress is cut, completely pulls in at the wrong point! Who would design that?!”







2. “Noooo…..You don’t look fat in it! It’s the fabric! It’s that horrible, clingy, shiny material! No one can look good in that – except maybe Jennifer Aniston”








3. “Noooo…it’s not you! It’s the colour that shade doesn’t go well with your beautifully tanned/rose pale skin. Shame they don’t have another colour.”













4. “Hmmm… I like it. Do you know what? With your hair done, heels and make up on, it will look really good! We’ve been walking round all day- you wont look hot and bothered on the night”











5. “It’s not you… It’s the changing room mirror! GOD, who makes these things? They never show how you look in ‘real life’, do they? They’re just like the camera darling, add 10 pounds they do!”







6. “It’s not you… It’s the shop’s ridiculous sizing! That’s clearly not a size 10, there’s no shame in getting bigger sizes! What do Primark know anyway?”


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