Performance Review: Monkeys and Typewriters

Queen Mary Theatre Company’s production of Monkeys and Typewriters managed to make me laugh at the absurd, feel sad for the souls lost in uncertainty of the Greater Continent, relieved that somehow humanity finds a way to connect, and ponder about the importance of truths, lies and the big area in-between – all in forty-five minutes.

It was a clever, beautifully written play performed with minimal props. The intimacy of Actor’s Temple, with only twenty seats, worked really well as one felt involved with the actors at all times. The cast of four actors performed brilliantly, from Hugo’s fearful portrayal to Miss Pearl’s impressive talking speed, and Bigby who came across as slightly more aware than Hugo of all the things they did not know. But for me, it was undoubtedly, Mr. Prophet who stole the show. His projection, his mannerisms, the way he carried himself and the way he commanded the stage were outstanding.

The setting of the stage, with the sounds and the lightening techniques – particularly the use of torches to portray the fear, and the uncertainty of the greater continents, where there are more truths but less words, worked really well.

Toby Jones’ direction was flawless, and brought the cast and the crew together in a cohesive whole that made this a little gem of quality, independent theatre.

In the words of a writer friend of mine, Dev Agarwal, “There’s truth, dramatic truth, lying, beautiful lies, lies that expose truth.” This performance of Monkeys and Typewriters did all that.

See this performance at Edinburgh Festival Fringe at the Space @ Venue45

Click here for show times and details.

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