QM Creative Talents: Naomi Davidson

Naomi Davidson has just finished her second year as a Geography and Economics student and writes poetry in her spare time.

When did you first develop an interest in creative writing?

I first developed an interest in creative writing when I studied poetry in my English class in secondary school. My teacher got everyone to write a sonnet about something and I chose to write one about love and found it fun and a good way to express my thoughts and feelings. I’ve since written several poems on a variety of themes.

Who are your go-to writers for inspiration?

In truth, I haven’t read much poetry from other writers since my English Literature class in sixth form.

How do you generate an idea for a poem?

It’s funny, I don’t really set out to write to poetry as such, but I find that on nights where I can’t sleep, I start writing poetry in my head about absolutely anything and the nearest thing to me is my phone, so I type them up on that. All of the poems I’ve written have been in this way.

Here is a selection of Naomi’s poems:


‘Two Hearts’

Two hearts, whose paths have not crossed,

Who’ve run away, disappeared, become lost.

Pumping blood of regret, hope and desire,

These hearts burn hot, like flames of a fire.


Through arteries that try, but cannot lead the way,

Through veins like a maze, that only lead astray,

The road to true happiness is not far from here,

But these hearts cannot tell if they’re distant or near.


Why are they lost? So sad it would appear,

To want so much, but be filled with fear.

To not beat once more, would be not to live,

A viable option, for a heart that won’t give.


When the two hearts find one another,

Will be the day when they’re ready to discover,

That two hearts beat much stronger than one,

It is then, that a story of true love has begun.

‘The Caribbean Sea’

The still, warm waters of the Caribbean Sea caress my bare skin,

Surrounding me, consuming me, as if I belong to the water.

Each droplet, sparkling, glistening, as perfectly as the next,

Soft waves flow effortlessly, as if blown by angels

The blazing Sun beats down;

I take refuge in the serenity of my surroundings.


Floating weightlessly, I relinquish any control I might have had,

I surrender myself completely to the liquid blues around me.

Take me where you wish, oh turquoise droplets of beauty, for I am yours now

Keep me drifting within you, ‘til the end of time

My spirit yearns that no such time should exist, for it would be too soon

I want for nothing to drown the feeling of tranquillity flowing through my veins.


“This must be what heaven feels like!” my nerves tell me, impulses dripping throughout my being,

The mind feels as distant as the horizon, no thought even close to comprehension.

I don’t think, only feel as I succumb to the tender movement of the waves,

Never have I been touched to gently until now

My senses are heightened, awakened – stronger now than from any drug one may consume

Sensations of inundation do not bring me fear, for this is where I yearn to exist.


I can think of nowhere else in this world I would rather be,

Than in the middle of the vast, spectacular, Caribbean Sea.


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