Roya’s Travels: Life’s Colours

Things change. And friends leave. Life doesn’t stop for anybody.” (The Perks of Being a Wallflower)

“YES. Millionaire matchmaker’s on, or….. do I tune in on the quadruple bill of Come Dine with Me?”

I’ve been home for two days and have already begun to grow tiresome of myself. The ease at which I’ve been able to return to my old routine is…frankly terrifying. I’ve even gone back to my old job back at the local Chinese restaurant and yesterday a regular customer asked me: “Are you still here then?”

‘Still here’has got to be one of the most painful phrases to hear; it insinuates that nothing really has changed or progressed. The truth is the return to the familiarity is too cozy. It’s nice to be back somewhere where where your comfort sphere is not stressed on a daily basis.

Does anything really change? Sure, I went to university, made new friends and read a few more books.. but I’m still me. One year on and I’m still single (19 years and counting), still relatively unfit and still aimless.

As you get older, opportunities become more and more scarce and the energy and enthusiasm to do things fizzles out. I’ve got to 19 and I still can’t sing, dance, play an instrument, do magic, write well, and I’m questioning my ability to act. And yet I have had 19 years to pursue all of these amazing talents. So why haven’t I?

A wise man said that: “even if you fall flat on your head, at least you’re moving forward”.

Imagine standing on a tightrope. The issue is, we don’t want to fall flat on our faces.. we want to keep standing. However, we fall flat on our faces when we realise just standing isn’t good enough, it’s getting’s getting bleak- we need to move along the tightrope. So we take a step forward, fall, rise up, step forward, fall…this is life.

What if we get bored of falling flat on our faces? What if it’s not enough to be just ‘move forward’? Life is complicated. It’s complicated crazy.. confusing.. and no one is offering a solution towards it. Apart from ” it goes on”. Each second that passes.. do we acknowledge that as a moment of our lives? That second.. what could you have been doing? What have you missed out on? Nothing. Each second is like the next. Monotony. Until one moment will come along and change all the other seconds which will come along. A spark of yellow or green or red or gold… the colour could be good or bad, one never knows. But until that moment… everything remains slightly blue. Find the colour in your life. Don’t wait for a shade of indigo to change a moment of your life. Create you’re own rainbow. Because we have to admit it, the wise man was right.- “even if you fall flat on your head, at least you’re moving forward”.

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  1. What you said they call it life without knowing what is next in line for us and we all in our own way have achieved something we may not have noticed but one day what we achieve it comes handy and for you my dearest you have become a young lady who is able to stand by herself , defend herself and more important make a decision for herself…not many people have learnt this in life and I think this such an achievement for someone who is only 19 years old and remember you have done more then you think and you have learnt more than you know .life is like going to exam room before you go in all is blank in your mind but when the exam paper comes in front of you then you see how much you know and the difference is what you don’t know you can learn we all can learn until our last breath so good luck and keep it up your one of best young ladies I have come across in my life .

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