See Kimono. Think Kimono. Be Kimono.

Seriously, I cannot get over my absolute love for kimonos this summer! Whether they’re light or dark, floral print, with tassels, made of a see-through chiffon or silk- they are the absolute dream. If you’ve been trying to achieve the perfect  summer wardrobe all you need is to invest in one of these – the kimono hides a multitude of sins, whilst making you look gorgeous! What’s not to love? Finally, we have a style of clothing that is actually good for all types of women, tall, petite, plus size…(the list goes on) It’s probably the first example of the one size fits all approach working!

My favourite thing about these is that they aren’t just for summer. Normally when you buy yourself a little summer dress or bikini you have a pang of guilt about the fact that you know you can only wear this for a couple months of the year- especially in England when it won’t be long before you’re back in your cord jumper and jeans. But the Kimono is a genuine exception to this, come winter you can wear it with black wet look leggings or jeans and it will look just as amazing. You can also get lined ones that will genuinely provide you with some warmth so your not standing outside freezing in the Drapers smoking area wishing you wore your leather jacket.

These are a must have investment and at the moment they are absolutely everywhere! The Kimono is your oyster. Scour around instagram boutiques, high street shops, Depop and get yourself one! There are so many different cuts, prints and colours that you won’t have to worry about looking like you’re just following the latest trend. You can find a really different and unique one that’s perfect for you.

Some of the best options on the high-street at the moment are from New Look. If you have a rummage through their 60% sale you can find some lovely chiffon, patterned kimonos. They are also currently stocking a beautiful maxi range which will be best suited for that awkward weather in September when you want to cling on to summer attire but start to feel the chill. New Look also stock the cutest two-piece, matching kimono and short combos. So with student discount on offer there it’s definitely worth paying a visit.

New Look - Blue Chiffon Floral Maxi Kimono £22.99
New Look – Blue Chiffon Floral Maxi Kimono



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