Style Down Under: Crikey, it’s cold

I am finally here. After just over 23 hours of travelling, months of paper work, and waiting impatiently for exam results – definitely the worst part of the whole process, I have landed in Melbourne, Australia and am just about ready to start a semester of my second year abroad. It’s definitely the most exciting adventure I have ever embarked on, and whilst I’m keen to see how my experience will compare to university life back in the realm of Mile End, I can’t help but wonder what I’ll notice most about clothing, style and the all round Melbourne dress code.

Well for starters, I have landed in the middle of Winter. Winter in Australia? You are probably thinking right now that it’s not the same as we’re all used to, doesn’t really exist and is probably only a few degrees cooler then Summer in London, but I can confirm that it absolutely does. The black jeans have made a comeback, the woolly jumpers are considered essentials, and even the beanie hat has made an appearance. Luckily, on arrival, my cousin informed me of supposedly the unwritten rule about the city’s dress code; ‘In Melbourne, we wear black’ (cue me immediately thinking about Mean Girls). Fantastic news, seeing as I firmly believe that my Topshop black jeans are one of the best and most practical things in my wardrobe. Even though spending £40 on jeans seemed a lot, especially before the glorious student discount days of today, they are always in mind when I’m thinking about what to wear, either for a formal or informal outfit. I’m sure most people have already invested in their black jeans, but it’s definitely worth taking a look at the hundreds of different cuts, shapes, washes and styles they sell these days, and I know it’s not a favourite for the typical Queen Mary student, but I would still 100% recommend a quick browse of Topshop’s website. So back to Melbourne, it is great news that my wardrobe ‘go-to’ will be worn easily.

Topshop Black Jeans @

From walking around the city, I have noticed a huge variety in style. My cousin was spot on about wearing black. You can see young students and teenagers in all-black trendy numbers, as well as the typical office worker. I imagine this sounds just like a standard London look, but it is completely different – somehow not as smart and formal. Melbourne is known for its culture; very cosmopolitan and casual. There is such variety everywhere you look, especially with the architecture, where grand old buildings lie next to the most modern and quirky structures, and this variety is something I have already noticed with Melbournian style.

It is obviously only early days, but seeing as there are three absolutely massive shopping malls on three consecutive streets in the city, I’ll definitely gage more of an idea on what to look out for. This is such bad news for my bank balance.


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