Summer vs. Winter: Which woman are you?

The British summer is unpredictable at best. You’d do best not to trust the optical illusion that is the sunshine when you leave your house; therefore you have to be very careful when choosing what to wear. However, when we do get ourselves tanning weather fit for the princesses in Arabia, don’t we just love it?

A debate has been kicking off as to which seasons produce the best styles. There are those who cannot get enough of the variety of what summer has to offer. From shorts, to maxi dresses, the latest craze that is the crop top, skirts and patterns (let us not say floral, anyone mentions florals in spring/summer and I itch).

The summer season is also accessories galore. This is the time we all go crazy for necklaces of all design, bracelets of all weight, hats of all different sizes and are faced with possibly the most challenging decision; choosing sunglasses. If you’re anything like yours truly, then you spend a good two hours in Forever 21 trying to find the right pair. This task is made excruciatingly more painful when instead of contacts, you’re wearing your prescription glasses so you have to take them off to try on the sunglasses, and you realize that you cannot actually see how they look like.

On the other side there are those who believe that winter is better at producing the best styles. This is not so hard to see. Layering is by far the best style art form ever to come out of bitter cold winter days. A pair of crisp Topshop jeans and a plain top normally serves as the canvas.  Some then paint on snug woolen jumpers, boyfriend cardigans and blazers. Whilst the most crucial decision in the summer is the sunglasses, for winter it is definitely the coat. You just cannot go wrong in this decision if you meticulously plan and scour every store, vintage shop, website and your own wardrobe to see what will go with your choice. It is recommended you envisage how your chosen coat will look next to scarves, gloves and a medium Costa cup, as these will most certainly be your accessories throughout this season.

Winter has a lot of people supporting its fashion trends. When asked, our Editor in Chief, Becky said that winter was her definite choice, as ‘you don’t have to worry about fake tan and shaving at all’. The subject of not shaving is also reflected in our film editor, Iman’s response. She says she loves winter styles over summer ‘because I love coats and scarves and I don’t have to shave for 3 months’.

Winter may be a clear winner but this s/s season gave us crop tops from Christian Siriano’s runway, print maxi dresses fit for the Sahara by Carolina Herrera and sporty wear from Chanel. The summer woman is a liberated goddess as reflected on from one of our readers in support of the season’s style, ‘naked, naked and a bit more naked’. The winter woman however, is a successful chic go-getter, (look no further than the Celine 2012/2013 presentation day, the coats were simply luxurious).

Both the winter and the summer woman can be found in any store, living in any outfit, but it’s definitely up to you to bring her to life.

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