The 8 Best Things About Mile End Road

1.  The People


Be prepared to hear some weird things, let me give you some examples: “Do you have any shrooms?”, “Kate Moss, come read my Bible”, and “Hi. I guess we should swap numbers” (From a 40- something year old man who tapped my arm then said nothing else after).


2 . Coffee


An essential part of student life is coffee; whether it be needed to cure a hangover, or to keep you up the night before an essay deadline, we all need a caffeine fix! This is something Mile End Road certainly does not lack, even Budgens sells coffee!


3.  The New Globe


When you tell people that you are studying in London they’re sure to say “Wow I bet the night-life is amazing”. You nod along, enjoying the idea of someone being jealous of you going to a different club each night. Little do they know your budget for the week is less than the entry fee to a club. Instead you go to The New Globe pub, getting far too excited about a jukebox and free crisps (if a football match is on).


4.  Dixie Chicken


I cannot explain my jealousy surrounding the fact that, due to being vegetarian, I will never experience the official end to a perfect night out – a box of soggy fries and half cooked chicken. From what I’ve gathered, you didn’t have a good night, unless it ends with potential food poisoning.


5.  24 Hour Food and Wine


The name says it all…


6.  The Road Itself


Nothing makes you appreciate life like the A11. Either because you almost got run over and saw your life flash before you, or because you finished an essay plan in the 10 minute wait to cross at the lights.


7.  Mile End Park


If you make it through the scent of rotting water at the entrance, Mile End Park is surprisingly good; providing a place to play football, revise, or relax. What makes it one of Mile End Road’s best attractions, are the quirky things hidden within it – a Persian and Afghan restaurant offering Shisha, a rock-climbing centre, and a wind turbine and ecology centre.


8.  The 25 and 205 Buses


If you ever need to leave Mile End, these trusty numbers stop outside QMUL roughly every five seconds.


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