The Suicide Debate

 “Suicide is for cowards.”

“I have no respect for anyone who takes their own life.”

Reading these, as reactions to the death of Robin Williams are not what I expected. Amongst the pain stricken declarations of sorrow at this shocking and devastating news, were traces of idiotic naivety. “How could someone take their own life?” I heard above the usual office chit-chatter.

How could someone have never even considered the possibility? How could such an idea be absolutely foreign? How easy it could be just to end everything, how could that not even be tempting? I envy anyone who has never even thought of and cannot even comprehend the concept of entering into what is deemed the extremely ‘taboo’. In a society where our whole lives seem predetermined by society, politics and the media, freedom is an illusion to many. At times, the only decision one can take a hold of is ending ones life; is it really surprising that people choose to take the one decision which is truly ours?

“But it’s selfish” reply the masses. Even so, how hard must things get for someone to think that their death will be less of a burden than their life has been on their friends and family. Mental illness is not a decision, it is no more chosen than people who are diagnosed with MS or Cancer, although many would agree that euthanasia or assisted-suicide for the latter is more ‘socially acceptable’ than a mentally ill person committing suicide despite the great resonance between terminal illness and depression.

What’s with the stigma associated with depression? Why is it that people say the word with an instant roll of their eyes? As if it’s not a ‘real’ illness. And of course, a rich person definitely can’t have depression (one says in that aggravating, drawling know-it-all voice whilst rolling their f**king eyes) because at the end of the day rich people get sad and they “go buy a Lamborghini”. If a rich person feels lonely they just “call one of their celebrity friends over”. Wow. When did money start to arbitrate happiness? It’s a duly taught nod to modern culture that the societal obsession with money and fame have indoctrinated many into believing that celebrities and the like have it all. Invincible super-beings. If only.

I wish so too, as much as I’d love to believe that one can reach such a stage of invincibility no one is immune to the hankering beast that is mental illness, victims of which lay far and wide. It is part of human nature to be vulnerable, to suffer, worsened so but the unkindness and narrow-mindedness of these others who cannot relate to the notion of depression.

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