Top 10 games to play on the Tube

1. The “How close can you get to someone’s shoulder before they notice you’re reading their newspaper” game

This is a game of great daring, but also of strategy, in order to get more than one article read before your/their stop.

2. The “Trying not to brush up against someone inappropriately in a crowded carriage” game

This is truly a game of skill, although it is powered by British embarrassment.

3. The “We got to fight for our right to leg room” game

One for the more courageous players, a true spectacle to witness.

4. The “Avoiding eye contact with the drunk person, lest they invite you into a conversation” game

This one is certainly more about stealth than any other factor, and is one of the less aggressive Tube games.

5. The “Syncronised eye-rolling and tutting at the rude tourist who’s shouting to their friend and swinging on the bars” game

This is most definitely a team sport, with nearly every member of a carriage joining in.

6. The “Attempt not to shove the person who keeps beeping their oyster card on the reader, even though it has not worked three times now and they are holding up the entire queue” game

A game in which a LOT of patience is required.

7. Rush hour.

Enough said.

8. The “Politely ignoring the screaming child, and not blaming their parents, whilst simultaneously pushing your headphones so far into your ears that they may pop an ear drum” game

Again, this is yet another game of endurance, but with good enough equipment, you should be prepared for anything.

9. The “Attempting to read a book with one hand, desperately clinging to a bar with the other, in a crowded tube carriage” game

This is more than anything a balancing act, however it is a sport that you can practise and improve over time.

10. The “Attempting to remain sane whilst having to take the damn thing every day, but at least it’s quicker than the bus” game

Well, we all know this one.


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