What does QM love about London?

As lovers of London ourselves, we wanted to see what everyone else’s favourite things about the city are, so we asked some QM-goers what their favourite thing about living in London is.

The Variety Of Things To Do:

It has been said that, “The best thing about London is that it genuinely has anything – at any time in the day.” This feeling of infinite possibility is something that courses through the very veins of London itself. Whilst London is a city that may occasionally sleep, it point blank refuses to do this until its conquered something new, entertained thousands with its ludicrous event for the day, and made memories people won’t forget in a hurry. The things you can do in London really are endless. Have a rooftop BBQ staring at the limitless skyline that surrounds you, watch a film…at a cinema where the seats are hot tubs (I didn’t know these existed till this article, definitely on my list of things to try), or enjoy a Mexican floating boat party. It was said best by a student when they noted, “If you look hard enough, there’s always SOMETHING to do.”

The Constant Hustle And Bustle:

Ignoring the dreaded rush hour, London’s constant movement and ever-changing people is something that really marks out the city as unique. To feel like the city is breathing and growing around you is awe-inspiring, and to know you’re a part of that, and that you are linked to every other in the busyness of day-to-day London, is even more so. One QMUL student mentioned that, “I think that a city like London brings out creativity and drive in people.” They are certainly not wrong there. It is definitely true that London’s productivity, and its ever busy nature, is part of what makes it such a brilliant city.

The Anonymity:

The London everyone imagines is often accused of being a lonely city, one of never speaking to a stranger and certainly not making eye contact on the Tube. But stopping to consider the enjoyment in these brief moments of solitude is something we could all do once in a while. Being in a city as huge and as complex as London, sometimes the moment of being in a collective group, and being unidentifiable, is a moment of peace that simply can’t be found in smaller places.

The Technology:

People often declare London to be a city of too many machines and not enough people, however the technology of the city is a thing to be praised. Knowing that “there is no such thing as being lost!” is only the beginning. A city in which even deep underground on a train you can get Wifi? That’s something to be applauded and appreciated.

The Diversity Of The City:

The diversity of London is something that would struggle to be matched by most cities in the UK, and it is this very diversity that is one of the richest and unique qualities the place holds. That’s not just because of the delicious variety of cuisine we get from it – whether that’s a culinary adventure in China Town, a Brick Lane curry (a must for every QM-goer, from Fresher to PhD) or maybe a Wahaca before your Mexican boat party. London varies hugely in demographics, even just from east to west, and it is this very variety that helps the city to thrive, and build to better day by day.

This is only a small glimpse into why QMUL-goers love our great city and we want to hear from YOU! Please tweet us your favourite things about London (@CUBmagazine) with #LondonLovers!

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