What does your choice of bag on campus say about you?

As Marc Jacobs once said, “to me, clothing is a form of self-expression – there are hints about who you are in what you wear,” and so have you ever considered what your choice of attire exposes about your personality? In particular, CUB reveals what your choice of bag on campus may say about you.


Practicality is your middle name. You’re at QMUL to read for a degree and so your backpack is full to the brim with books. Not only do you want to maximise book storage but you benefit by having both arms free – you have mastered the art of holding your coffee from ground in one hand whilst effortlessly swiping your library card with the other. Easy!


Tote Bag

Style is totes just as, if not more important to you than practicality. Often the style carried by the likes of the Kardashians, some people may think you’re a wannabe. Fear not though, when it comes to the tote, often the bigger the better and so you have enough room for all of your notes whilst still looking like you just stepped off the catwalk.



Whether it’s an official Cambridge Satchel Company satchel, or one that’s been passed down from your grandma, if you’re carrying a satchel it probably means you’re an artsy type. With your satchel on one shoulder and a Shakespearian play in your hand, geek chic is a look that is definitely to your taste.

leather satchel co

Eco-friendly bag

You’re either a geography student or a budding environmentalist. You’re motto is most definitely ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ and your importance placed on being environmentally ethical is on par with your style.


No bag

A free spirit, you believe that nothing will get in your way. You have no time or care for a bag, and it doesn’t bother you if your lecture notes get wet – they’re all on QM+ anyway right?




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