10 Wardrobe Freshers’ Essentials

Freshers’ week is almost around the corner, and we all know that the change of scenery and moving somewhere new with new people is for the most extremely stressful, so here’s our top ten wardrobe essentials to keep your style on point whilst making your first week (and following weeks) a little easier.

1. Big shoulder/cross body bag

The first week of the year always means one thing: lots of papers. You’ll be bombarded with handouts, slideshows, information packs and everything else you can think of. Everyone wants you to join their society, and they will practically throw leaflets at you as you cross Library Square – a big bag is your best solution, instead of trying to keep loose sheets under your arm in the late September wind.

American Apparel - £46
American Apparel – £46


2. White button-down shirt

This classic piece of attire seems so basic but its power is often underestimated. You don’t need to look like you’re going for a job interview at all times, but a soft oxford cotton shirt makes you look like you put in a bit of effort – and it makes people take you much more seriously. Definitely something to keep in mind when you have to meet your tutor because you’ve skipped too many tutorials, or need an essay extension – it really looks better than if you wear a creased up something you picked up from your bedroom floor.

Uniqlo - £14.99
Uniqlo – £14.99

3. Blazer

This links in to point number 2 – something else that will make you look not only more serious, but professional. A lot of networking events happen in the first few weeks of term, and you could be meeting your potential boss, so it’s always good to look sharp. And if it’s colourful and well cut, it’ll make you stand out for all the right reasons!

Topshop -
Topshop – £48


4. Day-to-night shoes

For some Freshers’ (myself included), the luxury of living on campus isn’t an option, and instead some of us have to commute from home meaning your wardrobe isn’t always five minutes away. A pair of shoes that will take you from your morning lecture to drinks, or a flat party in the evening are definitely worth investing in!

Topshop - £46
Topshop – £46

5. Black dress

Need I say more? Every girl should have one that works with everything, in any situation. Armed with this, you won’t have to blow your allowance on a new outfit every time you want to go out – just accessorise!

ASOS - £22
ASOS – £22

6. Ankle boots

These are such a staple and as well as being timeless, they tend to go with everything! Comfortable, warm, and if you treat them well – waterproof. Invest in a pair of good quality flat black Chelsea boots, and you can safely wear them every day for the rest of the year (London weather most definitely permitting).

Dr Martens - £110
Dr Martens – £110

7. Something original

A week of first (and fast) impressions means people will most probably judge you on what you look like. Why not wear something interesting that will help them strike up a conversation with you, like your favourite band t-shirt? That way you are one step closer to meeting people you actually have something in common with other than your course.

Frocksteady - £22
Frocksteady – £22

8. Reusable coffee mug

Coffee. Don’t lie, you need it. Why pay 25p more for each cup when you can have a cute reusable one instead? You can feel good about not spending the savings on ASOS.

KeepCup - £10.30
KeepCup – £10.30

9. Diary

Not exactly a wardrobe essential, but truly an essential. It makes keeping track of all the assignments, parties and events much easier– who says you can’t find one that is stylish as well?

Moleskine - £13.99
Moleskine – £13.99

10. Student loan

This is the one thing that we need most of all – especially to keep those wardrobes looking fresh and stylish! Just make sure you have enough left over to buy food – some things are more important than fashion.


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