5 Places London Guidebooks Won’t Tell You About

1) Southbank Book Market
There are few experiences as surreal as buying books from under a bridge, but you can find Dickens and an A-Z (second-hand, of course) sitting side by side amongst many other paperback treasures underneath Waterloo bridge, every day, come hail or heat.

2) Marine Ices in Chalk Farm
Standing since 1931 in Chalk Farm, just around the corner from Banksy’s infamous maid, Marine Ices is a good old-fashioned ice-cream parlour, filled with original recipes from its creator Gaetano Mansi from way back when. (NB: Its production was recently bought by a larger company, however from very necessary and extensive testing, the ice-cream’s quality has not dropped.) (Click here for more info)

3) The DLR on a sunny day (with its own view of the Thames) 
For a real view of the Thames and certainly one of the best tours of this part of London, on a clear day, take the DLR from one end to the other and simply enjoy the view. Nearly all routes work for this, but I highly recommend the one which goes past the O2 arena, meaning the route to Lewisham, and if you can get a seat at the back of the train for the clearest view.

4) London’ oldest pub crawl 
This is a real treat for those who want to soak up a London feel whilst having a good pint. The crawl consists of ten pubs: The George Inn, Jamaican Wine Lodge, Lamb and Flag, Ye Olde Mitre, Cittie of York, Princess Louise, White Hart, Ye Olde Chesire Cheese, Ye Olde Cock Tavern and The Red Lion. These waterholes are known to be host to many famous names (Charles Dickens’ name appears multiple times) and the oldest (allegedly) was licenced in 1216. A good night out with a truly unique feel.

5) Primrose Hill
Just go up, and look at it. Trust me on this one.

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