Back to the 90s: The Bucket Hat

They often say that fashion goes round in circles and it seems that this saying really is true. Leaving us 90s kids feeling rather old, 2014 has seen the return of our 90s favourite…the bucket hat.  Yes, indeed the floppy fisherman style headgear has made it back onto the scene and whether you love it or loathe it, everyone seems to be talking about it.

First used as a practical hat for shading our faces from the sun, the bucket hat became famous as a result of its appearance on the music scene, with rappers like LL Cool J and Jay Z sporting them. But along with the flares and the chokers, the bucket hat became the ultimate accessory for every tween of the 90s and noughties. Who didn’t want to look like Britney in her movie Crossroads?


Bucket hats however are no longer just a distant memory, or a #flashbackfriday kind of moment. With the likes of Rihanna, Pharrell Williams and Chris Brown rocking them, it seems that the bucket hat is definitely back! Search bucket hat on ASOS and you have 29 choices of different fabrics and designs.

Yet the return of the bucket hat has caused a divide. Some of us are left feeling nostalgic, others are racing to the high street to purchase these comebacks, whilst many of us would rather use the hat as a bucket to vom in out of disgust that the hat has even made a return.  But how do our QM students feel about the return of the bucket hat?

Thomas, a soon to be third year geography student and avid CUB reader is a supporter of the reclaimed floppy hat, saying that he would definitely wear a bucket hat “especially in summer as it keeps you protected from the sun and fits the whole 90s revival.” He also states “it’s very informal though. More for chilling in the park than heading off to work.”

It seems, however, that many of the team here at CUB are not the greatest bucket hat fans. Umar Sarwar, one of our photography editors suggests, “they should have been left in the 90s! Unless you’re Rihanna or the cast of clueless, you can’t pull them off.” Dandie, a columnist, notes that “kiddie fashion is in. Jelly shoes, loom bands and now bloody bucket hats?” I guess the “we’re all kids at heart” motto is traversing to our style.

So what do you think? Are you backing the bucket hat or do you think it should remain in the 90s?


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