List of Top Male Fictional Characters

1. Watson


I bet you thought it’d be Holmes here, but oh o, it’s Watson. He puts up with all of Holmes’ narcissism and is an indispensable part of the brilliance behind the crime-solving. He is Holmes’ muse, a war hero, a doctor and a big softie (he falls hopelessly in love). Not to mention he’s been played by Martin Freeman.

2. Han Solo


Forgive the fact he’s a poser.

This guy flies around space, with his giant lovable fluffball bestie, shooting laser beams at bad guys, helping to rebel against a tyrannical regime, making cool friends, wearing a leather jacket and ends up marrying his mate’s sister (who happens to be a princess). He’s a literal space cowboy.


3. Atticus Finch


Fancy glasses.

To Kill a Mockingbird is great. In it we find Atticus Finch, the brave and determined father, who is compassionate and open minded, and above all kind. It’s this selfless kindness that speaks volumes and thus he is a character who has inspired many, even though not the protagonist of the book.


4. Emmet


Animated explosions and an endearing smile. What’s not to like?

If you’ve seen the Lego movie you know he is the Master Builder that the prophecy spoke of. Emmet is the lovable underdog, routine nice guy who heroically saves the Lego world from the evil Lord Business.


5. Samwise Gamgee


There are a bajillion reasons that Samwise Gamgee is a top fictional character. He’s kind, caring, loyal, brave, unassuming, bold, loving, a great cook… the list goes on endlessly. He takes his time through the books to truly show his bravery, but the heroic acts he performs are staggering: climbing an impossible mountainside staircase in record time before saving his best buddy from a giant evil spider. Sneaking his way through a tower full of feuding orcs, to again save Frodo, carrying the weakened ring-bearer up a volcano, while exhausted and dehydrated, to basically save the world. The last thing he wants to think of before he assumes he is about to die is of home and of the girl he loves. What. A. Sweetheart.

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