Make-Up Mishaps to Avoid

1) Foundation lines

Ladies, please make sure your foundation colour suits your skin tone and you apply evenly!

2) Lipstick on teeth

What’s worse than a cute guy pointing out that your lips are red/pink or, God forbid, brown? Lick your teeth at every opportunity.

3) Smudged eyeliner

Kohl eyeliner will definitely give you panda eyes, so always have a little mirror to ensure your eyeliner is immaculate. If you’re using liquid eyeliner, only cry if you’re certain that it’s waterproof.

4) Streaking mascara

See above. It is very important you check the weather app on your phone to ensure it will not be raining on the occasions you brave non-waterproof mascara.

5) Too much blusher

Darling, no.

6) Bad contouring

Not everyone can be as amazing as Kim K’s makeup artist at contouring, but one word of advice; blend, blend, blend!

7) Half-peeled false eyelashes

Secure the corner with extra glue, press down and hold!

8) Go forth and look flawless with your mishap-free makeup

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