Queen Mary Music Society Assemble!

In approximately two weeks’ time, the probability that a paramedic will be trying to coax one of you half-conscious vodka-logged students out of Drapers’ toilets with the power of one chicken nugget is, unfortunately, quite high. And that may well become a very funny story to look back on… if you survive Mile End Road’s most intoxicating foodstuff, that is.

Freshers’ Week is full of events which will leave you in physical and psychological places you didn’t even know existed. Remember: Drapers is not just a place, it’s a mind-set – a plain upon which your eighteen year old dreams play out upon the rim of a Jäger shot, and all your twenty-one year old dreams loudly and unapologetically go to die, only to be resurrected next Monday.

At some point, you’ll want stability in your life, even if it comes in the shape of a floor that isn’t saturated in red beer. You might even want routine – something thrown in to the mix of your week that isn’t academic/illegal? Something like… a society?

If you hadn’t noticed, you are in the Music Section. Welcome. And that’s why I am going to tell you to join the Dog-Grooming Society! What better context in which to get to know others than whilst shampooing the spine of a Labrador? I mean, please, who’d join the Music Society? Who’d want to spend their time making friends with fun, friendly, talented groups of musicians with a penchant for steak à la Wetherspoons? What student wants to perform at various London locations including a Christmas concert with an abundance of free mince pies and mulled wine?

There is more to Queen Mary Music Society than merely food and free alcohol, but it does make up a substantial part of what it’s all about: fun. The society prides itself on being inclusive, yet able to challenge each individual on their own terms; there really is something for everyone. Choir and orchestra are led by the extraordinarily talented (and utterly hilarious) musical director Paul Edlin, and A Capella, Jazz band and the jam group are all spectacularly student-run. All are overseen by multi-instrumentalist and recently elected President, Rachel Nelms, who has been making big plans for the society calendar in 2015.

Do you fancy representing Queen Mary in concerts across London or busking in tube stations for charity? Meeting people who can play Bohemian Rhapsody sitting backwards? What about a workshop with the house drummer from Ronnie Scott’s? Come and learn something new and, whilst you’re at it, you can write us a few CUB Music articles too.



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