This Month in London

Here we go, back to uni. Here are six splendiferous activities for us to console ourselves with. Alternatively if you’ve come back refreshed and eager then these will just add to your fun.

1) Place to Eat – The Chicken Shop
Having just opened their newest branch in Whitechapel, not far from Stepney Green, The Chicken Shop is definitely the best place to eat around uni. For all you Nandos-loving students, The Chicken Shop will totally make you wonder why you’ve been spending money on that peri-peri stuff. For all of you that detest Nando’s (and I’ve heard many a complaint), this place can provide you with a relatively cheap & tasty meal and it’s close to uni! Give it a go!

2) Place to Drink – The Museum Tavern
For all you literature/history/politics students, this may be of interest to you. Directly opposite the British Museum, this quaint pub was visited by Karl Marx, JB Priestley and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It has an immensely cosy atmosphere, perhaps owing to the dark, Victorian-esque furnishings inside. Great for the autumn/winter months, and drinks, although still London prices, are slightly cheaper than you’d find in Covent Garden or Soho.

3) Activity – Silent Disco
I hear you sigh ‘not again!’. However this is a Silent Disco with a difference, as you’re 1000ft in the air at the top of The Shard. Although pricey at £37, this really is a once-in-a-lifetime and not something to be missed. Once you’ve done it you needn’t do it again! With only few chances left (27th of Sept, 4th Oct, 15th Nov), The Shard is open on Saturday night, has three DJ’s all vying for your attention and is topped off with spectacular views.

4) Free Activity Friday Late
This is has to be one of my favourite things in London and it’s something I look forward to every month. On the last Friday of every month, the V&A stays open until 10pm and launches its event – Friday Late. This free evening is an accumulation of “live performances, cutting-edge fashion, film, installations, debates, special guests and DJs, with bars, food, and late-night exhibition openings. Each month the event has a different theme, whether that be ‘Shoreditch goes West’, ‘Korea’ or ‘It’s all yours’.

5) Free Exhibition – Kate Bush
For all you Kate Bush worshippers out there who sadly weren’t able to see her London gigs, then hopefully this will be a small comfort. Until October 2nd, in the always swish Piccadilly Arcade, a collection of photographs by Gered Mankowitz & Guido Harari document the illustrious yet somewhat reclusive career of legendary Kate Bush. Famed for being ‘outside the box’, these photographs capture the superstar at the peak of her career with outfits to match. Interestingly, these clothes are on one hand both hilarious & disastrous, yet on the other evocative and groundbreaking. Well worth heading down to Mayfair for this little gem.

6) Play – King Charles III
Having just transferred from the Almeida theatre, King Charles III is running for almost three months at Wyndham’s Theatre. This witty and gripping play deals with the beginning of the reign of Prince Charles and the freedom of the press, following the News International scandal. Quite how they’ve managed to wiggle their way to the main West End stage with a story about current members of the royal family – including Charles being usurped by William- I’m not too sure! Arguably a real treat for royalists and tourists alike, this great cast includes Tim Piggott-Smith as Charles and the ever formidable and talented Margot Leicester as Camilla, making it accessible and witty regardless of your royalist/republican stance!

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