Top 5 Markets in London

London is one of the best places for weird and wonderful marketplaces. Arts contributor Sofia Sanchez rounds up her top five for CUB here:

1) Portobello Road


Portobello Road in Notting Hill is known for its antiques (not that we will be buying any as students…), but there is something for everyone here. I love it for the cheap vintage clothes and jewellery with a bohemian kind of vibe to them – there’s also vinyl stalls and ‘Foxy CDs’ for those of you into music. Even if you’ve already blown through your overdraft and are not able to buy anything, this market on a Saturday is worth the tube fare just for the amazing atmosphere.

2) Lower Marsh


Situated just behind Waterloo station, Lower Marsh is a great market to know about if you’re looking for some tasty street food when exploring South London. There are stalls open for lunch all week, but like Portobello Road this market is at its best on a Saturday, though is only open until 3, so get there early. Lower Marsh also has a variety of independent shops that attract crowds.

3) Brick Lane


Although you’ve all probably visited this market on a Sunday morning many a time, I couldn’t leave it off the list. Just a minute’s walk from campus, Brick Lane market has every kind of cuisine you could dream of – and there are lots of cool clothes and bric-a-brac stalls too. Try to overcome your hangover and need for sleep and get there at about 9 to beat the mob.

4) Borough

Borough Market

Borough is a must-see if you’re living in London, and is the market for food. They’ve got everything from a chocolate café to regular hog roasts. It’s also really close to the river, so the Tate Modern, Southbank centre and National theatre are all in walking distance. On a Saturday there is a vintage book fair and food stalls at embankment.

5) Columbia Road


Last, but not least, is Colombia Road flower market in Shoreditch on Sunday from 8 ’til about 3. Do not let the early morning put you off this market – it’s definitely one of the most beautiful on this list. Despite selling only flowers, which may or may not interest you, the shops and pubs in and around Columbia Road are definitely worth going for.

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