You know you’re on the DLR when…

1) You could be at Chessington World of Adventures because this IS a mini rollercoaster and no one is allowed to tell you otherwise.


2) The views are better than any other line (admittedly dark tunnel walls did come a close second, but a view of the O2 arena just pipped it to the post).


3) Nearly every station is about 10 minutes from where you actually wish to go, however somehow undoubtedly next to a Costcutter.


4) The train provides you with a 3D map known as a window, where you can look forward and catch a glance at the next station you will arrive at.



5) There are planned engineering works so often that you begin to wonder if people in Woolwich or Lewisham ever go out on the weekend, or whether they are forced to simply sit and watch construction workers.


6) There are no Oyster barriers anywhere, meaning that if you forget to touch in or out (because nothing forced you to do so), you are royally robbed by the Greater Being that is TFL.


7) Everything looks space age designed within the station themselves, and therefore contrast beautifully to the chicken shops you see when you leave certain stations.


8) Every station seems to be built upon multiple levels with more escalators than you ever believed possible. For no reason that anyone can discernibly find.


9) It is the easiest line in the world to fall asleep on when travelling home after a few beers. Its hum is somewhat of a lullaby to drinkers of the East End.


10) You have to give it marks for bravery. It is not many a train that will expect you to be willing to wait more than 5 minutes for its services.


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