10 things you will see if the 24 hour Tubes go ahead

  1. Third years may now have the opportunity to venture home from the library, away from their project/essay/dissertation/revision in order to shower late at night and return a few hours later.
  2. Less lost people, wandering aimlessly around local bus stops, desperate for a map or even just a person who doesn’t look dangerous and who might have directions.
  3. More drunk people roaming the streets. Come on, let’s be realistic.
  4. More unhappy looking young professionals whose bosses believe that two in the morning is a completely normal time for someone to leave work.
  5. More newly-met couples venturing home together after a wild night where they ending up running lips first into each other. Without the reasoning of “Oh, it is two night buses to my house from here!” inviting that one guy home hardly feels like a bad idea.
  6. No one will ever have to hear the long, arduous tale of their roommate’s journey from hell, that nearly always involves three buses, a long walk and non-descript danger.
  7. There may be unexpected nocturnal tube strikes that no one will be aware of until it’s much, much too late.
  8. Less uncomfortable moments of tapping in before the train staff have a chance to grab your attention, walking to the platform, realising you’ve missed the last train and, hanging your head slightly shamefully, and tapping out again so that the machine can snatch £6 from your Oyster card.
  9. Less odd interactions with strangers late at night on night buses. (NB: There are no promises as to whether these interaction will/will not now simply take place on trains.
  10. More drunk people. I could not emphasise this enough the first time.

Photo credits to Nan Palmero.

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