10 Useless but Interesting Facts

1) Polar bear skin is black. If you take a look at their paws and noses- they’re black! Their fur isn’t white either. It’s clear. They appear white because the reflection of the snow from their environment makes them look white. Weird, eh?

2)What are Jaffa cakes made of? Apricots. Not oranges! McVitie’s actually had to have a legal battle to prove they were cakes and not biscuits because the product was causing havoc for supermarkets to categorise.

3) The highest mountain is on Mars. Mount Olympus is the highest mountain in the known universe and stands at a whopping 22km! That’s almost three times higher than Mt. Everest!

4) The naked eye can see four galaxies. One of them is Andromeda – the closest spiral galaxy that’s about 2.5 million light years away.

5) Dead batteries bounce! This is due to an “anti-bounce effect” that happens in the good batteries but not in dead ones because the electrolyte stiffens inside dead batteries which makes them bounce.

6) What do you get when you add 4,878 km, 12,100 km, 142,981 km, 120,536 km, 51,118 km and 49,500 km? You get all the planets in our solar system (except Earth) fitting inside the distance that separates the Earth and the moon!

7) Newborn babies don’t have kneecaps. They form later around ages 2-6 years because the cartilage hardens over time. Don’t go around poking baby’s legs now…

8) Humans have 21 senses. Some include the sense of time, sense of hunger, balance, feeling your skin and muscles stretching, the temperature of a room and the sense of your lungs inflating.

9) After viewing the bloody fights between gladiators and slaves, Roman Emperors ordered the death of gladiators with a thumbs…UP (contrary to the popular Hollywood myth of using a thumbs down). Looks like Hollywood got it wrong!

10) Mozart’s full name is Johann Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart. Try and say that quickly over and over whilst extremely drunk!

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