10 Worst Things To Do at Your New Job

So you’ve landed yourself a new job? Hurray! Congratulations, give yourself a pat on the back and a drink to celebrate. However, being a newbie can be frustrating, bewildering and exciting all at the same time…

1. Being late! Uh oh, not a very good first impression to make on your first day. You need to prove that you are punctual and reliable, so allow yourself enough time to make it through those dreaded train delays and other transport mishaps.


2. Being a blabbermouth. Gossip is pretty much inevitable in the workplace, but as the newbie you shouldn’t be too surprised to discover your colleagues are ‘like besties’. Sure, Regina George was discreet with her ways, but it did catch up with her… so remember, any chit-chat will find its way back to bite you. So not fetch.


3.Being a slacker. You know how the saying goes, ‘if you have time to lean, you have time to clean’. Your manager (and colleagues) will be watching your every move, so don’t be lazy, show ‘em how good you are at your job!


4. Being clumsy. This includes but is not limited to: falling down the stairs, or up, accidentally whacking someone in the face with a hanger and/or spilling *insert choice of beverage* all over yourself…spare clothes anyone?


5. Being completely clueless. You should make an effort to know a few things about the company, and what the job will be like, so do some research beforehand.


6. Being over-confident. It’s simple really; no-one likes a show off.


7. Being a potty mouth. A curse here and there never hurt anybody, but constant use makes you look unprofessional, so you may find yourself standing in the naughty corner. Alone.


8. Being a pushover. Yes you’re a newbie, but everyone at the workplace should be equal.


9. Being anti-social. Your co-workers are nice people (probably) and you’ll often be seeing them, so put a big smile on your face and get to know them. Who knows, you might even have a ‘work bestie’.


10. Being too friendly. For the love of burgers, don’t have a fling/casual night/it’s complicated or any ‘thing’ going on with a colleague. Just DON’T.


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