5 Different Meals for 5 Different “Pickles”

Whether you’re an eager fresher or an experienced student here are 5 meals that are perfect for 5 unavoidable situations that are likely to occur during this term:

  1. The parents come to visit
    So your parents have decided it would be a wonderful idea to come over for a visit; you’re excited and would like to treat them, so you decide you’ll have them over for dinner.  They’re touched and agree…until you realize you have no idea what to make. After all they are the ones usually doing the cooking!Enter, herb roasted chicken pieces with vegetables (or, if you want to sound even more fancy: slow cooked chicken pieces with a rosemary, garlic and lemon infusion). The possibilities with this dish are endless, but I’ve picked a nice and simple one that only requires a pyrex dish, aluminium foil and a decent oven.If you’re a vegetarian or your family are, I suggest replacing chicken with potatoes, and serving it as roast vegetables with a side of rice.

    (Aprox. Sainsbury’s cost: £10)

  2. You have a killer hangover
    We’ve all been there, suddenly the couple of extra drinks seem totally unnecessary and you wake up with a giant hangover. Whilst its normal for people to ask for a huge full English in the morning, it has been proven recently that greasy fry-ups are not the best solution for a hangover. We shouldn’t turn our backs on English breakfasts though just yet, instead versatility of the full English is brought to light with this super creative full English baked frittata. Though the extra fancy Italian terms may seem like it will take ages and a lot of energy to make, it’s actually superbly easy and very tasty.(Aprox. Sainsburys cost: £11)
  3. You’re out of cash
    Hey, its okay to want to economise on food (more to spend on alcohol, we get it) but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to eat ready-meals which not only are unhealthy, but actually are really not tasty at all. During my first year of university, I was introduced by my flatmate to a recipe for making pasta (with pretty much any ingredient you want) in only one pot! All you need are cherry tomatoes, basil, onions, and this genius recipe.Watch out for those carb overloads though, they’re addictive!(Aprox. Sainsbury’s cost: £4)
  4. You’re trying to be healthy and have embraced salads
    Salads are a wonderful thing, in fact I always find myself vouching for salads (much to my friends’ annoyance) but the fact of the matter is: they can be your creative outlet. Whilst not being pricy or difficult to make, and on top of that they are mega healthy. One of my personal favourites is a cous cous salad, this quick and easy cous-cous salad is perfect for one of those days where you are running low on time and want something hearty yet healthy.The best thing about it is that you can play around with the ingredients, there’s so little room for error its almost fool proof. Recently, I am a big fan of adding oranges to add a touch of summer freshness.(Aprox. Sainsbury’s cost: £8)
  5.  You and your flatmates want to have a “family meal”
     A great way to catch up with friends is to cook together (it is also a great way to break the ice with someone you’re interested in), a quick and simple suggestion that involves everyone is refried bean quesadillas, this originally vegetarian dish can cater to meat-eaters by adding chicken to the mix and is a guaranteed winner for fuss free yet fun dinners.  I suggest adding nachos and home made guacamole (which is comprised of cilantro, avocadoes and tomato) as a side dish.(Aprox. Sainsbury’s cost: £12)



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