5 Things Fresher’s Change Their Mind on by the End of First Year

  • Drapers

Remember the first week of your uni career, when Drapers was the behemoth of your social life? (Probably not actually, because most people who end up in Drapers don’t remember very much.) At the beginning of the year it seems like the world’s best idea to end up there every night, but by October you know that only Hail Mary will make you venture back.

  • Country Manor

£6 for a 3 litre box of wine?! (It’s not wine. Stop kidding yourself.) Why did nobody back home tell me about this?! Here’s why: it’s glorified paintstripper, and after box three you’ll never touch it again.

  • Cleaner

The entitled brat within you will deeply resent being awoken once every two weeks from your peaceful slumber, but once you realise the people you’re living with can’t tell a scouring pad from a bath sponge there’ll be nobody in the world you’re more grateful for.

  • Mile End itself

You move in, you wonder why on earth you ended up in a place populated solely by chicken shops and a vaguely dubious park. By the end of the year, you know this is still true but you feel oddly sentimental towards Mile End (whilst still looking over your shoulder if you’re out past 11pm).

  • QMPlus

What is this? How do I work it? What do these buttons mean? How do I get on to QReview? Is this the same as MySis? Why is half of my reading not up here? Ahh, it’s crashed an hour before my submission deadline. Oh no wait…this stays the same all year. If you can competently work QMPlus before second year begins, you have won. Congratulations.


Photo credits to Creative Commons.

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