Alternative Ways of Making Cash as a Student


Unless you’ve family supporting you, or you were sensible enough to save every penny you earned in every summer holiday, at some point during your student life, you are likely to be strapped for cash. Working in retail or waitressing aren’t the only options left to you. If you get creative, you can earn potentially more money, with more flexibility than standard jobs.



This is one of the obvious choices, particularly if you are a good student. The demand for GSCE and A Level tutors is at an all-time high. Particularly in London. So if you feel confident about your subject, you can either sign up with one of the many tutoring agencies, or just start posting flyers around the neighbourhood as an independent tutor.


Pole Dancing

If you are comfortable strutting your stuff, then pole dancing is a reasonably well paid and unorthodox option. For one thing you won’t have to get up early in the morning for this job, and it’s likely to pay better than retail.


Sperm Donor

For the boys, this is another alternative. You won’t earn enough to live off it, but it can certainly buy you a few burgers.


Flu Camp

Flucamp is one of several companies that offer you a chance to be a part of the medical trial. You may not be eligible for all trials depending on your medical condition, but the pay could be lucrative.


Sell Stuff

Is your wardrobe brimming with stuff you don’t use? Do you have spare electronic products lying around? If you are like most people, you have accumulated plenty of stuff that you no longer use. Sell it. You can use ebay, gum-tree, or just put up a table outside on a nice day and put up flyers around the neighbourhood.


Work as TV/Film Extra

Living in London has its advantages, and one of them is active film industry. Sure, it’s not LA, but you can still get work as an extra for TV shows and even films. You could earn around £60 a day, and most of the times you don’t have to do anything except hang out in the background. You can sign up with one of the many agencies, including Be On Screen. They take a cut from your earnings, but on the other hand, they find you the jobs.


Manual Labour (Cleaner, Painter, Gardener, Mover)

The demand for manual labour is ever hire, with more and more people unwilling or unable to do it. If you know how to clean, or paint walls, or can tidy up a garden, you can be a part-time entrepreneur. Advertise your skills around the neighbourhood. Elderly people or busy office-workers may be ideal clients.


Work for Your University

As far as part-time jobs go, working for your Uni is one of the better options. They are more sympathetic to students, aware of your deadlines, and there will be no commute. You will also get to hang out with your friends, and make connections with the staff, which may come in handy if you intend to go for further education.



If you can make stuff by knitting, sewing, baking etc. then you can sell those online ( or even in person. If you are really good at making things, then you can sell personalise items which may make excellent gifts. Advertise on campus, advertise in your locality, and if you find that there is sufficient demand, set up a website.


Your ability to make some part-time cash is only limited by your imagination. Try a variety of things and see what works for you. But make sure you don’t overdo it, and make the best of your university experience.

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