An interview with Lower Than Atlantis

Lower Than Atlantis are back with their self-titled 4th studio album. Ahead of their album launch party at The Monarch in Camden on Monday, I caught up with the bassist Dec to chat about this long awaited new release.

So todays the day! How are you feeling?

It’s going to be a long day but it’s going to be a fun day I think. We didn’t think this would pull off this whole pub thing!

How do you think the new album compares to your older stuff?

It’s just a whole different chapter to our band, that sounds a bit cheesy doesn’t it but I think we never really spent the time to write and really focus on the nitty gritty parts and this was like if it’s not good enough, it’s going to get scrapped whereas before it was like oh that will do. It’s just like honing in on every little bit and we want to use every single aspect of the band.

And you’ve had a lot longer to make this album, do you think that’s changed your music or changed the way you approach music?

Maybe not changed our music but definitely changed the way we approach it. Not that we’re unhappy with what we did before but maybe we are unhappy about the way we did it. We could have spent more time on stuff before and so we were like let’s spend lots of time on this one and make it count and I think it’s paid off.

Yeah it’s got some amazing reviews so far!

Yeah it’s got bad reviews as well though, can’t have good reviews without bad ones. Gotta be pissing off some people!

So what’s your favourite track off the new album?

‘Criminal’. Even when that was first written that was my favourite one. Steve Robson, who is a writer, had a demo of it and emailed Mike and was like have you ever put strings on a song before because he had someone in the studio at the time doing it. He got him to put some strings on it and they sent it back and I was like this is sick!

And do you have a favourite track to play live?

I like playing ‘Here We Go’ live because it’s such a head banger so yeah probably that and ‘Criminal’.

There needn’t have been any worries about the album launch being in a pub; as soon as the band got on stage the atmosphere mirrored that of concert sized performance. The crowd was a strange mix of fans, industry people and friends of the band but the music overrode any awkward crowd tension and it wasn’t long before words were being screamed and heads were being banged.

There was an enthusiasm about their performance of new songs that filled the venue and although there is more of a pop undertone to their new material, the heavy bass, drums and guitar that Lower Than Atlantis do so well are still very much there. Despite numerous gin and tonics, it’s a gig I won’t be forgetting for a long time.

Lower Than Atlantis’ new album is out now and available to download on iTunes and you can catch them live, headlining KOKO in Camden, on the 8th December.

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