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Helena Lester-Card is the creator of the glittering, bespangled and rainbow-coloured queendom that is Sassy World. Sassy World takes the bland and boring off the style agenda and instead presents us with explosions of unapologetic colour and fierce pattern clashes. Sassy World believes that putting on clothes that are bright, bold and powerful can brighten and empower. Here I interview Helena to find out all about her world of Sass…


  1. First things first. Can you explain to us a little bit about Sassy World’s philosophy with regards to fashion and the way we dress?

I originally started Sassy World because I was bored of all the mass produced clothes on the high street that aren’t particularly fun or colourful. I wanted to create something where girls were encouraged to not only be more sustainable when shopping but also feel inspired to be more carefree and creative with the way they dress. Sassy World’s philosophy is to give girls more confidence and empowerment with the way that they dress. You can dress however you want. Don’t worry about what other people think- life is too short! Sounds so cliché [laughs] but it’s true!


  1. What does the word ‘sassy’ mean to you?

Sassy to me is someone who is confident, bold and empowering.


  1. This September we’ve seen spring/summer collections at New York, London, Milan and most recently Paris fashion week. Did any shows stand out and inspire you at Sassy World? What do you make of ‘high fashion’ as opposed to the fashion we can wear every day?

The only shows I’ve been obsessed about are Ashish at LFW and Moschino at Milan. They don’t take fashion too seriously and know how to inject fun into their collections and shows, which is really encouraging to see. Fashion should be fun! I do observe ‘high fashion’ but care more for the vintage designer stuff such as Moschino and Versace- purely because the prints are INSANE.


  1. Why do you think fashion is important?

Fashion is important because it is a way of projecting your personality. Fashion is essential to our daily lives, whether we like it or not, everyone gets dressed in the mornings. We can express our feelings via the way we dress. Wearing something we love can bring us great happiness and confidence.


  1. Sassy World is all about vintage clothing- do you have a particular era in fashion that you find most exciting?

When it comes to buying for Sassy World, I find the 80s and the 90s have much more colourful and wacky styles but personally, I also love the 70s glam rock era!


  1. Who are some of Sassy’s style icons, both from the past and of today? What does Sassy make of the phrase ‘style icon?’ 

I love the phrase ‘style icon’ and I do think most people tend to have someone that they look up to for their fashion sense. There isn’t anyone in particular but Sassy World loves the style of all the 90s supermodels in the Versace catwalks/campaigns. Right now we are obsessed with Charli XCX- she’s the ultimate Sass Queen.


  1. What tips would you give to anyone still finding their feet with fashion?

It took me a few years of following trends and experimenting with different styles until I found the style I am at today. It’s good to experiment to see what you feel most confident in but always remember not to over worry what other people think. If you like what you’re wearing, then wear it.


  1. Why is it so important to Sassy World to look beyond the high street?

I feel that high street clothing is unethical and mass produced. As a result you may dislike it after you see someone else wear it or you may not even get round to wearing it. Buying vintage is giving it a second life and you are wearing something more unique, that no one else may necessarily have. I find that I can keep my vintage purchases forever and wear them over and over again because I know that I won’t walk down the street and see someone else wearing my outfit. Don’t get me wrong, I do have pieces I’ve bought on the high street, but they are pieces that I know I will wear often.


  1. What are your plans for Sassy World in the future?

Sassy World will soon start to stock new, independent designers who fit the sassy, fun and colourful aesthetic. They make all of their items themselves in their homes or studios and only produce a small quantity (or just one) of each design. I want Sassy World to eventually be a home to lots of wonderfully inspiring independent designers and brands. Maybe even one day I would like to design our own line.


  10.  If you were stuck on a desert island and had only one outfit to wear for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I reckon it would be my rainbow stripe flares that my mum made me, with a pair of chunky boots and my shaggy red and purple oversized monster coat. That would probably be too hot for a desert island actually but at least I would still look sassy [laughs]!


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