Ella Eyre @ O2 Empire

It’s Friday night and I’m being taken on a date. Well, a girly night out type date for dinner and a gig. We’ve got tickets to see Ella Eyre, ‘who?’ I said? ‘You’ll see’ my gal pal said.

We arrived at a packed out, sold out Shepherd’s Bush Empire to see Ella Eyre at her homecoming headline show. Having never heard of her before, I was surprised at just how excitable the crowd was waiting, giddy fan after giddy fan chanting her name to lure her out onto the stage.

As she leapt onto the stage it was obvious that she would ‘own it’ as her fans said, with her passion and bouncy enthusiasm. Her voice, mature beyond her twenty years with soulful power is another surprise, goose bumps on the back of the neck type surprise. She’s reminiscent of a baby Beyoncé with her vocals, and can we talk about her hair? I was pretty taken with her hair, like wow.

Ella’s lyrics are bold with all the right kinds of attitude for relatability, and has phenomenal stage presence (but does an awful lot of running on the spot, perhaps that’s something mega hip I’m yet to catch on to…)

She performed singles from her ‘Deeper’ EP, her upcoming album ‘Feline’ due to be released in February next year, and songs such as ‘Waiting all night’ on which she collaborated with Rudimental, and preceded to win a Brit Award! The show-stoppers seemed to be her mega-popular single ‘If I Go’ (after which she received rupturing applause, screams and foot stamping from the crowd…twice) and her cover of Jermaine Stewart’s classic ‘We don’t have to take our clothes off’, showcasing a more delicate and sensual side of her vocal range.

Although some of her songs seem to have very similar sounds, I still look forward to seeing the content of her new album and what she can really do. I think I left our girls night out an Ella convert…

Ella Eyre’s album is set for release in May 2015. If you can’t wait that long, download her EP here: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/deeper-ep/id767668506



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