Is the Front Row still the front row?

One of the biggest events of September has come to past. No, I’m not talking about Fresher’s week; I’m talking about the event that we here at Style really care about, London Fashion Week. Highlights? The gorgeous £4 Million Julien McDonald wedding dress, the rebirth of Burberry flat sandals and trainers (throw your heels away ladies) and less is definitely too much for the coming season according to Tom Ford. This SS15 was all about exploration, taking the traditional and mixing it with the modern. One tradition that has taken on a whole new spin is the Front Row, also known as the Frow.

Growing up the Frow symbolized the peak of fashion. It was not enough to simply be stylish; you had to be sitting cramped next to another human being in a very small space as you watched models strut on the runway in the latest designs. That dear reader was once the epitome of style and to some extent it still remains.

However, less and less celebrities are fighting for the Frow (when was the last time you saw Beyoncé or Jolie at any runway?). The Frow is now the home to a herd of C list celebrities, up and coming YouTube bloggers and actresses whose shows have recently been cancelled on HBO.

So what’s changed? The simple answer to that technology. Fashion Buyers, esteemed industry style experts and journalists now rely on live streams of fashion shows to get them up to date with the latest trends and designs. Fashion is now accessible to many and all. Where once you had to wait until Daily Mail had updated in order to see what Christopher Kane or Marchesa had produced, technology has enabled the world to be the new Frow. And it’s amazing. And we love it. Since nobody now really needs a formal invitation to watch runway shows, would it be acceptable to pronounce the death of these once prestigious and sacred seats?

At the beginning I certainly thought so, but on further analysis I realized that technology has done only three things to greatly affect the Front Row. It has expanded it and therefore, the likes of you and I are suddenly experiencing what Rita Ora and Rihanna are. This means that there is now no longer the urge to see who is sat next to you on the front row (heaps of dissertation books that need reading, but since I’m in the Frow I’ll pretend it’s David Gandy). Which follows onto two, live stream shows has refocused attention on the actual clothes and not the individuals on the sidelines. With that comes three, the rise of the models. As we’re now looking at the clothes, we’ve also become really interested in those who are actually wearing them, the likes of the new IT girls Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn.


So, the Front Row may no longer represent what it used to, but we couldn’t possibly rule it out since the queen of western fashion, her greatness Anna Wintour still reigns supreme in possibly every catwalk I’ve watched for LFW, Milan and Paris. As long as she is there the Frow will always be fashion’s most sanctified place.


Photo Credits to Creative Commons.

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