Misty Miller at 93 Feet East

Nineteen year old South Londoner Misty Miller recorded her first album at fifteen. Four years later, older, four years louder, with a more unhinged approach the singer songwriter gives us something altogether more thrilling then her previous acoustic serenity.

Between being on the road with Jake Bugg and Tom Odell, Misty finds times to play around London, making an appearance at the heart of East London’s Brick Lane. The show is opened with two songs yet to be released, ‘Marmalade’ and ‘Stars’ before provoking the crowd with her new single ‘Taxicab’. The song fuses a menacing guitar prowl with Misty’s pining vocals. The singer has talent no doubt, a voice pleasing and undeniably smooth yet there’s something incredibly raw, at times jagged about her sound, hard-hitting pop rock imbued with blues. Taking inspiration from the likes of The Stooges and Patti Smith, these influences are becoming to be heard in the rugged approach of her newer releases.

Misty’s presence is of something altogether effusive, jubilant and powerful, she smiles to the crowd as she growls the chorus. The slow ‘Devil’ is played, my long-time favourite, releasing the gig from its guitar riffs and fiery verve. Made vulnerable, with just a ghostly ring from the guitar as support, it’s here where her true vocal talent is made most apparent. There’s sure to be more of Misty Miller; look out for her album later this year.

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