It’s been a bit nippy today and it isn’t just the cold. Today has been dubbed ‘no bra day,’ an event coinciding with Breast Cancer Awareness month (backed by charities such as Breast Cancer Care). The month aims to raise awareness for the illness that, according to Cancer Research UK, is responsible for 15% of all cancer cases and 7% of all cancer-related deaths. With this in mind, many have been persuaded to forget the oh-so-essential support for a day in aid of a cause which will hopefully bring us closer to that all important cure for breast cancer.

It’s admirable. After that embarrassing experience you had in P.E. when you were 13 (the time you completely forgot to put your Hello Kitty bra on), donning the over-shoulder-boulder-holder is up there with brushing your teeth in the morning: you wouldn’t leave the house without doing it. Some might say it’s pretty brave to walk out of the door without that added support, particularly if there are any bus-running situations, but I say it’s well worth re-living that forgetful moment for this fantastic cause.

However, those who might not think to look behind the Facebook groups and the pictures shared advertising the day might be missing the wider context: although ‘no bra day’ certainly raises awareness by setting free those wonderful things attached to our chests, this event isn’t backed by any breast cancer charity and posts about ‘no bra day’ often don’t mention anyone you could possibly donate to.

So while whipping the girls out for the day is both liberating and raises awareness for a great cause, it’s worth remembering that there are other helpful ways to pledge your support. Charities host events throughout the year, including things such as fun-runs and cake sales to raise awareness and money for the cause. So, if leaving your chest unsupported for the day wasn’t up your street, it might be worth thinking about another one of these events.

One thing ‘no bra’ definitely does is remind us of is what we, women and men, need to be paying attention to: that squishy tissue around our chests. Having ourselves checked to make sure we’ve got the all clear is a necessary and great thing do to ensure that our bodies are healthy when it comes to watching out for breast cancer. If ‘no bra day’ can raise this kind of awareness, backed by charities or not, then maybe the 13th of October is the day to leave that bra in your draw and venture out without the ‘essential’ support. Even if the weather is a bit chilly…

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