Top 10 Rory Gilmore Fashion Moments

Summer is officially over and first semester has made its glorious entrance. Readings, deadlines, lectures and friends on the verge of nervous breakdowns because they still have no clue what their dissertation is going to be about are part of your daily routine. What to do then when you come home after a draining library session where, if you are an International Relations student like myself, you have spent the evening reading about past, present and future tragedies of the world? Well, if you lived in the US, Netflix would be the answer. Today, the on demand streaming website will upload in its entirety one of the best series to be ever created: Gilmore Girls. There’s obviously a catch. The rights have only been granted to American Netflix. But fear not. Just because we’re forced to deal with the infinite inferiority of options that Netflix UK gives us, that doesn’t mean that we can’t reminisce the greatness of Gilmore Girls. No matter how many regulations there are out there, online streaming will never die. So to pay homage to this beautiful TV moment, to rebel against Warner Bros not extending the rights to Britain and to celebrate the hours of binge-watching to come, here’s a selection of the best looks co-protagonist Rory Gilmore aka gorgeous Alexis Bledel, has graced the small screen with.

1) Vintage Rory: Season 1, Episode 1


Ah, the oversized jumper. The most reliable and comfortable piece of clothing a student can have. Perfect for the cold, rainy London days and easy to wear when you only have ten minutes to leave the house. A normcore lifesaver.

2) Rory Goes to Chilton: Season 1, Episode 2



Classic school uniform with blazer, tartan skirt and knee high socks, an evergreen look. Plus, it can be easily turned into a perfectly accurate Gogo Yubari Halloween costume/Tarantino themed party! (Season 5, Episode 17).

3) Do You Wanna Be My Prom? Season 1, Episode 9


The portrait of romance. Made with love by Rory’s mother, this dress embraces her in a beautiful boat neck and a chiffon skirt light as air.

4) That Damn Donna Reed: Season 1, Episode 14


Here Rory recreates a classic 50s devoted housewife look. Now, putting old-fashioned views about women and their domestic role aside – we are in 2014 get over it – we can’t ignore the power of checks. A timeless pattern that still influences our wardrobes and which permeated Diane von Furstenberg’s latest spring collection at New York Fashion Week.

5) Presenting Lorelai Gilmore: Season 2, Episode 6


6) Life and Death Brigade: Season 5, Episode 7


Cerulean gown courtesy of one of the dreamiest screen boyfriends, Logan Huntzberger (Matt Czurchy). If it wasn’t clear yet that this palette of colors perfectly matches Rory’s eyes.

7) Her Majesty: Season 5, Episode 8


8) She’s the Man: Season 5, Episode 13


In the series’ 100th episode, Rory’s grandparents renew their vows and as best man, Rory sports an elegant Yves-Saint-Laurent-esque smoking.

9) Daughter of the American Revolution: Season 6, Episode 5


As the host of a World War II themed event, she recreates a classic look with simple but effective makeup such as the black eyeliner and red lipstick.

10) London Calling: Season 6, Episode 22


Considering that the episode where Rory sports this ensemble was first aired in 2006, this very much stereotypical look makes sense, and it is accompanied by an awful fake British accent that possibly makes it even better.

Now enough with the procrastination, go back to your readings and protect your IP address


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