What Your Song Request at Monday Calling Says About You

1) Mr Brightside – The Killers

A people pleaser and Jack of all trades. Mr Brightside is guaranteed to get everyone running to the dance floor and proceeding to throw themselves around, grab each other and scream for the next 3 minutes.


2) Sex on Fire – Kings of Leon

You’ve spotted someone you want to pull and you need an excuse to shout the word ‘sex’ in their face. Subtlety isn’t your forte.


3) N***** in Paris – Kanye West and Jay Z

You know all the words and this is your time to shine. I spent many a drunken evening forming bonds over rap battles but be careful, there’s a thin line between your performance being impressive and looking kind of sad.


4) The Final Countdown – Europe

You are in the wrong place. Try Drapers on a Wednesday where your peers will welcome this song rather than hound you from Drapers.


5) Bigmouth Strikes Again – The Smiths

Monday’s Calling will welcome you with open arms. Cue skinny jeans, flannel shirts and some impressive 80’s shuffle dancing filling the dance floor.


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