A Norwegian Flourish

This Saturday, the 15th of November, Ja Ja Ja Music is coming to our very own Great Hall, showcasing the best in Nordic food, film and music. As Anna Hildur, director of the festival, said “There is definitely a creative spring in the Nordic region now that is having a global impact” and I for one couldn’t be happier that us Brits get to experience this flourish. In anticipation of the event, and to get your Nordic music knowledge up to scratch, here are some of the best acts playing this Saturday and who you should definitely not miss out on seeing live.

When Saints Go Machine

Producing atmospheric synth pop, When Saints Go Machine are a four piece Danish band who have won multiple awards for their music, including Denmark Radio Programme 3’s (DR P3) P3 award in 2009. Infusing a 90s hip-hop element into their most recent album ‘Infinity Pool’ with contributions from the likes of Killer Mike, as well as maintaining their robotic melancholy, When Saints Go Machine are moving synth pop away from the constraints of the dance floor and into a darker, and indeed more interesting realm.

Jenny Wilson

After leaving the band First Floor Power to go solo in 2004, Jenny Wilson has been making her own strain of funky electro tinged pop, undercut by an octave straddling voice that adds folky undertones. A powerful musician with soulful lyrics, Wilson’s music embodies a fusion of genres that creates something wonderfully refreshing.


Made up of singer/songwriter Guðrið Hansdóttir and musician Janus Rasmussen, this is an electro-pop duo hailing from the Faroe Islands. Their lyrics are all in the native tongue of Faroese and their sound is one that borders 80’s pop and embraces the best of Scandinavian electronica. Picked as the act director of the festival Anna Hildur was most looking forward to seeing perform, this duo is firmly staking its claim as one of the best in Nordic music’s’ exports.

Sin Cos Tan

A synth pop duo consisting of Jori Hulkkonen and Juho Paalosmaa, Sin Cos Tan produce music with, as the name suggests, an emphasis on creation through digital rather than instrumental means. Hulkkonen has worked with the likes of Kraftwerk and Pet Shop Boys and the duo bring their seasoned knowledge of the Swedish electronica scene to their sound. With groundings in 80’s electro, Sin Cos Tan manages to effortlessly dance between a plethora of emotion.

Further details about the Ja Ja Ja Festival can be found at www.jajajamusic.com/festival and tickets can be purchased at: www.billetto.co.uk/jajajafestival2014

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