Get with the lingo!

Now, I know that around 90% of you would ‘jaw drop’, tumble to your feet and blush eccentrically if a gorgeous Parisian raised your fingertips and gingerly brushed his lips on the front of your hand, greeting you with the French salutation enchantée’. Recently I’ve decided I’d rather swap places, and become the mysterious femme en rouge walking through the colossal doors at the French, Spanish or even Mandarin Ball. Just to utter a single phrase in a second language can make you feel, intelligent, sophisticated and refined. Not only that, many jobs recruiters are now looking for extra hobbies and attributes in a person before they offer jobs out to applicants. So rather than let them skim-read my application that I spent hours and hours perfecting, I decided to do something about it, and learn new languages to stand out from the crowd.

It is only now that I fully understand the importance of learning a language. We use language as a medium to communicate with the world and share our thoughts and emotions. Why not change “Hello” into “Bonjour, Hola or Guten Tag? As a learner, the different accents and pronunciation really fascinate me; you can utter a phrase and completely surprise yourself with a finalised reaction of “Oo that sounded good” which motivates you further into continuation with the language.

We are at a pivotal point in what is increasingly called world-language education, poised to regain a measure of competitiveness with innovative tools and programs that promote cross-cultural understanding. Unless we shed our reluctance to speak any language other than English, the potential of this renaissance may not take hold, and we could lose our edge.’ (Fost. D Edutopia) Due to advances in technology over time, new opportunities and experiences have been created, providing communication with those speaking other languages; encouraging and motivating students to learn to communicate in a foreign language. With the help of government funding, student-exchange programs are now being created to maximise learning and to prepare students for international work, which is continually progressing and is present in all industries.


I have built a solid passion and desire to travel around the world, spluttering out linguistic phrases and embracing rich cultures. Learning a language has been very inspiring and enjoyable, as well as being beneficial to my education. My English writing skills have improved, I can make conversation when I visit particular countries and overall the French language has also assisted me in my third language Spanish, so now, I’m not just sticking an ‘o’ on the end of every word in English, hoping that it will be ‘correcto’.

There are various ways in which you can learn a language, you can find a teacher, purchase CDs/DVDs or even better, visit the country! It’s astounding how much you can pick up within two weeks. Here’s a little fact for you, “If you want to learn French or German, you know 40% of the vocab already”. Stop the gamut of excuses such as “I don’t have the time to learn the Spanish verbs” or “ I’m too busy”. Think of it this way: it’s beneficial for your future career, it is very rewarding when you can hold a conversation with a speaker from another country and even better, it’s an excuse to get out of England right? You can return cultured, experienced with the language and maybe even with a handsome beau. Who knows?

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