Menswear Trends for Autumn/Winter

I don’t know about you but I am more than happy to wave so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu to the sticky summer heat and all the style problems it brings for us guys! It’s all sunshine and daisies for girls with their dresses but what are we guys left with? T-Shirts! How is one to style a t-Shirt? I simply do not buy Mary-Kate Olsen’s philosophy of finding the perfect t-shirt; it doesn’t exist! They’re called ‘basics’ for a reason. So you can imagine my excitement when a certain chill in the air notified me that autumn was upon us. Like Pocahontas herself, I had a desire to run fearlessly into the changing Colors of the Wind (and leaves) and thank Mother Nature for allowing layering to commence. Alas, if I were to do this I would be escorted to the nearest psychiatric ward, so I will celebrate the new season by sipping an abundance of Pumpkin Spice Lattes whilst adding to my mammoth jumper collection. So for all the guys out there reading this article, pay close attention as I’m going to show you the hottest trends and must have items for Autumn/Winter 2014.

Get Your Faux-Fur On!

The trick with this trend is not to end up looking like an extra on the set of Game of Thrones. You are not Rob Stark, and the metaphorical ‘winter’ is definitely not coming. Instead try to incorporate subtle accents of fur into your winter wardrobe. Retail powerhouses, such as Zara and ASOS, are overflowing with a variety of coats, parkas and jackets; all with detachable fur trimmed hoods. It will definitely add a warm texture to your outfit whilst still giving you a cutting edge look. Bomber, Denim, Leather and Harrington jackets have also been decked with woollen collars, a touch that will dress up any minimalist ensemble.



Style_Photo_18b_River Island
//River Island



Embody the Autumn Leaves

During a recent shopping trip, a friend of mine suddenly exclaimed ‘I’m over monochrome. I need colour in my wardrobe!’ and then he proceeded to imply that yellow was NOT my colour. The SHADE was real. However, from observing the latest high street collections it’s clear that mustards, oranges and forest greens are the stand out colours for the season. For anyone afraid of a bit of colour, autumn is the perfect opportunity to experiment with darker or muted shades without relying on the safety of black.




All Grey, All Day

Okay so if you’re sure colour is definitely not your thing, then delve into the unbeatable and neutral trend – Grey. As far as I’m concerned the colour will never go out of style as it simply goes with everything in a man’s closet. Whether you’re channelling office sophistication or more of a dishevelled grunge look, the colour grey will accommodate all your fashion needs.

Style_Photo_18g_River Island


The longer the better

First things first, the longline trend has never been a favourite of mine. Being 5’4 tall, anything oversize or longline will literally drown me. Not a good look. But in reference to cardigans I can honestly say the longer the better. I have recently snatched up a few from Topman and ASOS, and they are perfect for outerwear or even underneath a jacket for a layered up look. Feel free to experiment with different textures such as ribbed, mesh and wool blends as they will take you all the way till spring.







One Shoe, Two Colours

For men shoes can always be a hit or miss affair. We spend time grooming, getting our outfit on point and then suddenly when it comes to the matter of dressing our feet, some of us get lazy and just throw on something comfortable. Luckily the colour blocking trend has finally trickled all the way down to the footwear department. The pop of colour will definitely make it easier for you to tie your entire look together and step out onto the streets with confidence.


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