Who Are Post Louis?

Post Louis, after experiencing forty minutes of their material at the Sebright Arms on a dismal Monday night in November, are nothing short of exceptional. It seemed as though their creativity was endless as every couple of minutes I would peer over the head of the gentleman in front of me to work out where on earth that sound was coming from. Most of the time it was some bizarre combination of guitar pedals and bonkers finger work but the band also incorporate a technically complex array of synthesisers and sample pads which created textures perfectly complimenting the emotionally charged nature of their music. Influences of Jazz, Fusion and Prog were all present but when distilled into short pop songs and topped off by Stephanie Davin’s ethereal voice seemed in no way self-indulgent which is so refreshing, as I’m sure you can imagine. It is Stephanie’s vocal style and melodies in tracks such as ‘This Could Be a Bridge’ and ‘Fragility’ that makes Post Louis’s music both technically impressive as well as accessible and hooky, two things which don’t often mix well. The band certainly have a distinct style and, in fairness, it is far from the pop charts, despite what I have said, but that’s no bad thing, especially as a cult following seems to be growing around their sounds in the more musically minded parts of London as shown by the full room of fans present at the Sebright Arms in Bethnal Green. Post Louis are a band to watch out for with a keen eye, a very keen eye at that because these guys won’t be getting billboards on Shoreditch High street with their name printed on them, but that’s why they are so worthy of your attention.

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