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My favourite procrastination activity is desk shopping. Whether this is enviously looking at other people’s creative spaces or their minimalist rooms decorated with flowers (do they really look like this or is it just for Instagram?) or planning my future dream workspace, it happens more than I would care to admit. And because I can’t be the only person curious about other people’s work areas, I had a (polite) peek into a number of creative spaces:

Grace Gardiner, writer

Room 1
Grace Gardiner

‘I don’t like to work in very minimalist or impersonal spaces – I love clutter, partly because it makes me feel more cosy and secure, and partly because I love being surrounded by lots of beautiful, interesting things. I love to be able to look up from my writing and see pictures of faraway places, or artworks I love, or scenes from films I adore, or little things I’ve picked up while travelling, or things my friends have given me. It both helps me to relax and gets me thinking and daydreaming and building stories and thoughts in my mind. I love the stories, histories, and cultures that can lie behind seemingly innocuous objects, and I love things that are made for no purpose other than to be beautiful, to bring pleasure when looked at.’


Grace’s creative inspiration can be found here.


Amelia Drinkwater, artist

Amelia Drinkwater
Amelia Drinkwater

‘I am lucky enough to have a bureau for a desk, it has lots of little draws and nooks and crannies to put lots of items. My desk is where I study and make art. Having storage for all my little bits and pieces is something I really love- You can see from the picture, there’s a little babushka doll, some film canisters, and lots of other bits and bobs. In every draw are little assorted items. Magnifying glasses, buttons, old key rings and precious stones. I love how my desk can go from being a hub for art supplies and materials, to being a space for learning and study. Also, because it is a bureau, you can fold the desk part up away at any time- hiding it’s contents if you wish. Being creative is a major part of my life, so organising a desk which can switch from creative art hub to study desk is really important to me.’

Amelia’s creative inspiration can be found here.





Lucinda Starr, writer

Lucinda Starr

‘I like to think of myself as a pretty organized person. There is something so invigorating about finding yourself in a space that is clean, bright and airy. I suppose that’s what I tried to achieve when setting up my own desk. IKEA has truly served me well, with the majority of my furnishings and supplies from the store (I wish I was exaggerating here!). Their Scandinavian approach to design is based around functional pieces and clean lines. I’ve kept my colour palette muted and soft, using an array of creams, whites and accents of pink across my space. I’ve added my own twist to the room with the addition of eye-catching floral designs and warm, vibrant prints.

Whether I’m busy slaving away on university work or putting together a writing feature on an upcoming designer, I always look to my surroundings to motivate and inspire me. Tucked away on the corner of my desk is my wooden bunny calendar, a constant companion through even the longest of nights spent writing away. The pin board above my desk acts as a visual reminder of my never-ending to do list, while also showcasing quotes, snapshots and other heart-warming moments I never want to forget.

When my mind is clustered with thoughts and rambling ideas, I need my space to be a place of quiet tranquility. Scattered with an array of scented candles and plenty of room to sprawl out my things, my desk is a place where I can find solace, comfort and creative energy.’

Lucinda’s inspiration can be found here.



Isabel Slone, writer

Isabel Slone
Isabel Slone

‘I’ve lived in my current apartment in Toronto for one and a half years, which is the longest I’ve lived in a single place since moving out of my parent’s home six years ago. I live an old people neighbourhood filled with beautiful Victorian row houses and when I find myself frustrated with writing, I just need to take a walk outside to feel inspired again. Inside, I have a quirky, maximalist aesthetic and I cram the walls with pictures that I love. I can’t stand plain wall space, I find it dreadfully boring. It makes me feel dead on the inside. Instead, I surround myself with beautiful, interesting things to keep me inspired and to remind myself of who I am and what makes me feel alive. Some of it is from the thrift store, and some of it is painted by my artist best friend. I rarely work at this desk space though. I prefer to spend my writing mornings curled up on the couch, with a coffee sweetened with maple syrup.’

Isabel’s work can be found here.


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