What’s in my Underwear Drawer?

Underneath the mountain of knickers, bras and hold ups live some of my favourite things I own. They are, however, only ever seen by me or the lucky boy I choose to show them to.

  1. Rabbit Vibrator

The old favourite. There’s a reason there’s a whole Sex and the City episode dedicated to this one.


  1. Bullet

Much more discreet in size and sound. Probably the item I use most.


  1. Anal Beads

Such fun.


  1. Butt Plug

Not so sure of this one. Note to self: needs more practise.


  1. Nipple and Clitoris Clamps

For when I need punishing…


  1. Lube

In three different varieties. Everyone should appreciate the amazingness of lube.


  1. Massage Oil

Sort of self explanatory.


  1. Ball gag.

For when I’m being very naughty. Or very loud.


  1. Tenga Love Egg

A joke present. Never used.


  1. Long Silk Scarf

For all your bondage needs.


  1. ON Natural Arousal Oil.

Bloody hell.

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