LFW Little Shilpa AW15: Take a Walk on the Wild Side

The title of the Autumn/Winter collection showcased by Little Shilpa was Feral Nation and rightfully so. The atmosphere in the room was somewhat spectral with a play of lights plunging us in and out of moments of brightness and darkness but there were no feelings of anxiety or fear. There was a certain calm to the wildness, perhaps a gentle invite to get closer to our more animalistic side. There was little force in that invitation, it was as if we were taken by the hand into a wilder aspect of life, almost smooth-talked into it.

Little Shilpa specializes in handcrafted headpieces and jewellery and it is in those pieces that we find the strongest elements of the show. The headgear reflects both the animalistic and earthy side of the collection, the one aimed at exploring the crude nature of human feelings but there is also a more playful aspect to them, charachterized by the sequins, the glitter and bright colored feathers. The darkness and seriousness of the military garments made of neoprene, parachute silk and plastic was balanced by the luminosity of the headpieces, giving the overall image of tribal camouflaged warriors. The roughness of the animalistic references was tempered by the ethereal movements of the models luring the spectators into this dark fantasy. The parrot beak headpiece covered in silver glitter styled with a military net cape would have easily found its home in a masonic ball in perfect Eyes Wide Shut flair, making it a personal favourite.

Other extremely strong headpieces in the presentation were the stunning glamourized golden gazelle horns and the glittery Cleopatra helmet accompanied by a golden bodysuit and military nets recreating a chainmail and armor, giving the impression of an empress ready for war.

This collection is proof that we can show and wear our instincts without transmitting fear or anger to the observer, almost a resolution of our inner conflicts which can be solved by reflecting our nature on the outside as well, displaying our primordial qualities out in the open. We always tend to shield our more impulsive side in the name of reason and social conventions but there is undoubtedly a therapeutic effect in letting our inner energy loose once in a while and this collection is a reminder of that. So embrace your shadows and take a walk on the wild side with them.

Images c/o Bella Catling

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