The Biggest Oscar Snubs

With the Oscar nominations recently released, the conversation has been dominated by who hasn’t been nominated rather than who has. But over its 86 years there’s been many outrages at certain snubs. One of the most famous and still existing lies with the very famous Leonardo DiCaprio. Not only was his work in Titanic famously ignored, but also his work in the picture winning The Departed which was set aside for co-star Matt Damon, although it has famously been said that DiCaprio refused to take the role if he was to be nominated over Damon.

The man who many call one of the greatest directors of all time, Martin Scorsese is also one of many who have been burned by the academy judges. Robert Redford’s Ordinary People was a good film, but it wasn’t a masterpiece, yet it still managed to beat Scorsese’s iconic Raging Bull. Even though Robert De Niro won best actor (and rightfully so), Joe Pesci was shunned for supporting actor and even Scorsese for best director.

Another example of a good movie beating an all-time great is The English Patient winning Best Picture over Fargo in the 69th Academy Awards. Fargo is a simply sublime story of a small town murder, ticking all the boxes of what makes an award-winning film. But alas, The English Patient took home the little golden man, with its way- too-long running time and clichéd love story.

Now when you think of a mafia movie, there are two which come to mind. The Godfather and of course, Goodfellas. But only one won Best Picture. “As far back as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be a gangster” is one of the most quotable opening lines of a movie ever, and for Goodfellas to have lost out on the award it deserved to Dances with Wolves was a real shock amongst many.

And the greatest snub of 2015 is the abysmal neglect that The Lego Movie has received. The lack of recognition the Academy gave to one of, if not the greatest animated movies of all time triumphs the neglect Jack Nicholson got for his role in The Shining, the disrespect Alfred Hitchcock faced, and Saving Private Ryan losing to Shakespeare in Love. Not one person left that movie feeling as if everything wasn’t awesome, nor have we ever witnessed a greater onscreen adaptation of Batman. A true injustice in the world of film.

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