What’s My Name, What’s My Name? Joey Badass Review

This question probably makes you think of Rihanna’s Whats My Name, or a misguided attempt at Destiny’s Child’s Say My Name. However, both assumptions are very much wrong. This question comes with the answer: “Badmon” and belongs to the one and only Joey Bada$$.

If you haven’t already bought Joey’s second album Before The Money (B4.DA.$$) you must be aware that you are currently missing out on an album full of Hip Hop bangers. The album is miles away from the mainstream, synthetic sound of contemporary Hip Hop and steps closer to the roots. The production of the album uses samples of songs new and old, from A Tribe’s Scenario, Wu Tang’s C.R.E.A.M. to Traditional Folk’s Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep (who?!). The sampling gives authenticity of a Hip Hop and the timelessness of a classic album. However, Joey’s flow, content and lyrical ability keep the album modern.

From the critically acclaimed 1999, Bada$$ becomes deeper – if it was even possible. While life experiences of success and death shadow On & On and Black Beetles, it is also apparent that Bada$$ feels more open towards his audience and lets people in to know more about himself on Curry Chicken; along with songs like Run Up On Ya and Like Me which remind listeners of his youth and what can be described as his boyish escapades with girls.

Last night, London fans (myself included) were given the opportunity to see the album performed live by Bada$$ at Rough Trade East. Duets with the crowd, mosh pits and signings of CDs and LPs, showed Bada$$’ appreciation for his fans, which was more reciprocated.


Buy the album here! #PROERA


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