Five Minutes With Gengahr

After having supported Wolf Alice and alt-J this year, Gengahr have gone from strength to strength. CUB were lucky enough to catch up with John from Gengahr on their European tour for a quick fire round of questions. Here are seven things you need to know.

  1. Why ‘Gengahr’? Is our Pokémon fiend an influence? Did you take ‘Gengahr’ from his natural habitat?

It took ages to find him but we used metagross to defeat him. He’s quite happy on tour, big alt-J fan.


  1. You’ve been likened to Radiohead and MGMT. Who are your biggest musical inspirations?

Personally, I always liked anything that did something exciting or interesting with sound. Could be a simple punk rock record full of energy or some mind melting aphex twin sound. Doesn’t have to be super complex, as long as it excites me then it’s an influence.


  1. What is something you really admire about another of your bandmates, musically or otherwise?

Hugh is an amazing cook.

Danny is hilarious.

Felix is our fearless leader.


  1. What are your favourite tracks that are keeping you buzzed whilst on tour? Do you record new stuff whilst on tour or hole yourself up in a studio for months?

Personally, ‘Big Eyes’ by Back From the Moon. Hugh played us Tiganá Santana, which was awesome.


  1. You recently released ‘She’s A Witch’ with some intriguing artwork, similar technique to the cover art of ‘Powder’ – what was the idea behind that?

Hugh has done all of the artwork! He’s a very talented painter and we thought it would be a nice theme throughout the album to use his oil paintings.


  1. Your February tour all over Europe looks promisingly ambitious. Considering you’ve played an impressive gig at London’s KOKO before, how do you feel about your sold out gig at The Waiting Room?

This is the first time I’ve ever sold out a gig so I’m really fucking excited! The European tour with alt-J has been amazing. [We’re] feeling very lucky at the moment.


  1. You played at the BBC Introducing Stage at Glasto 2014.What stage do you see yourself on in two years’ time?

That was an amazing experience. Bombay played a ‘secret’ set just after us so we had a huge crowd for the last few songs. If we just get invited back in two years, I wouldn’t care what stage we played.

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