The Mac is Back

As we head into week nine at uni, I can’t help but think about how different life will be in a mere two months. Gone will be the days so carefully organised and planned in order to fit in readings, work and importantly, a life, and instead, they will be replaced with a Summer break so long, by the end of it, I will undoubtedly get bored. Depressingly, I can’t help but think about how Summer holidays, for a university student, are the longest amount of time we’ll have off before we eventually enter the world of work, where a two week break is probably the most enticing and optimistic offer we’ll receive as graduates. Amidst all of these sad ramblings though, is the realisation that we have to make the most of our breaks; travel the world, become a music festival veteran, even grab some work experience. And it’s even more important, to fulfil all of these ambitions in style.

Other than, maybe shoes, (although I understand this could be questionable for festival goers) there’s one item of clothing that will be useful for each of those potential Summer plans; The K-Way, original pac-a-mac. Long gone are the days of an awfully textured waterproof piece of material loosely hanging off you while you stay only partially dry in the midst of a rainstorm, K-Way have a huge collection of both female fitted shapes and unisex styles, in virtually any colour you could wish for.

It’s simple, really. The original K-Way pac-a-mac was designed in 1965 from a cafe in Paris, where Claude Duhamel sat comfortably drinking a coffee, while observing usually chic and elegantly dressed Parisians getting soaked in the rain. An easily likely scenario for today, especially as we approach the transitional wardrobe weather from Winter to Spring and so often begin to recognise the over-optimistic Spring lovers, as they stand freezing and deceived by a seductive March sunshine. It’s always this time of year where the weather is the most confusing; too warm to wear a thick coat, but too cold for a bomber jacket, or take the risk of not wearing a hooded jacket and consequently get drenched by the sudden twenty minute downpour. It’s in these moments that the K-Way is perfect. They’re lightweight, completely waterproof, and ideal to wear on top of a layered outfit. And while you wear it on the tube to complete your commuter’s outfit, feeling smug that you’re not overheating like everybody else on the smelly central line, there’s no doubt that your pac-a-mac will be at the top of your packing list for Summer travels, or tied around your waist like a bum-bag at a festival.

It’s pretty handy then, that K-Way have just opened their new flagship store just down the road from us, in Spitalfield’s Market. East End hipsters cycling by in bright jackets have been supporting their pac-a-macs and it will not come as a surprise to see them infiltrate the QMUL campus in the coming months too. Dubbed as ‘Parisian Design for a British Climate’, I would grab one before the essay and revision procrastination gets even more serious.

To find out more have a look at their website!

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