The (Neat and Orderly) Ramblings of an Obsessive Compulsive: ‘I’m Gonna Carry On’: Madonna vs The Stairs

By the time this gets published on the CUB Magazine website it will probably be old news. It’s already all over YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and when I googled ‘Madonna’ a minute ago the first result was ‘Madonna falls’. If you don’t know what I’m talking about you’ve probably been living under a rock for the past few days. At last night’s BRIT awards, everyone was anticipating the final big performance of the night, that of Madonna. Finally, the moment arrived and, clad in a matador’s cape and surrounded by bulls (it was a bit bizarre), the Queen of Pop strode slowly down the runway, face hidden like a sinister red riding hood. When she reached the top of the stairs to the main stage, she began to untie her cape string, but it soon became obvious that she had not untied it properly. One of her dancing bulls yanked at the cape, and, as if in slow motion, poor Madge toppled backwards down the stairs, and the whole world gasped. Facebook went wild and probably eighty percent of the world was laughing gleefully at the poor gal’s misfortune.

I’m not claiming to be Mother Teresa (it was a bit funny), but my immediate thought was ‘Oh my God, if that happened to me I would die!’ and I sympathised with her. We’ve all been there, hurrying down the street when your shoe catches a bump in the pavement and you go flying and it seems that every car horn in the world is beeping at your misfortune and every inconsiderate driver shouting ‘Don’t trip!’. Hilarious. It’s always worse when you’re own and you have nobody to laugh with you, right? But at least we haven’t tripped on live television, with millions of people worldwide able to watch and re-watch it. This is the kind of thing that would send negative thoughts into overdrive: ‘Oh my god, I’m an idiot’, ‘I’m so stupid’, ‘Everyone will be laughing at me for weeks!’ , ‘I went to Laura’s house for a catch up yesterday and I could see it in her eyes, I knew she was still pitying me about that stupid fall. My life is over!’

What struck me was the ironically appropriate lyrics to the song that Madge was still belting out despite this initial hiccup to her otherwise great performance: ‘I’m gonna carry on’. Truly professional, Madonna did not let this accident ruin her night, and she has reacted admirably to all the media attention it has caused. It goes to show that we’re all human, we all make mistakes, and we can lead by Madonna’s example.

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